How To Use Frogmarch In A Sentence

  • Who are we to lecture about ‘freedom’ in Iraq when an old man is frogmarched out of the Labour Party conference?
  • As Mr Clinton arrived, police removed one of those injured in the bombing and frogmarched him across the road.
  • One of the most distinctive things about England's relentless frogmarch towards Ashes victory in Australia has been the sense that they have their eyes set on some broader horizon. Now England have won the Ashes, it's time to focus on being liked | Barney Ronay
  • I was frogmarched down the road in front of the neighbours.
  • In a return to old-fashioned policing methods, constables on patrol will be able to frogmarch misbehaving youths back to their parents to demand an explanation for their behaviour.
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  • Hopefully if you drag a woman off a train and frogmarch her across country these days the police will intervene. Watch John Wayne in The Quiet Man: live!
  • All prisoners were frogmarched into the compound.
  • These powerful sleep chemicals frogmarch men off to the land of nod — whether we like it or not. The Sun
  • Twenty minutes and an agonising car journey later, they frogmarched him into the Departmental headquarters, an extremely bland building that had the look of a bomb shelter that they had neglected to bury.
  • When I'd put them on, I was grabbed and frogmarched out of the room and down the stairs. Leaf Fielding: To Live Outside the Law
  • Bless him for his "frogmarch" comment it will be one for the ages, his unwillingness to back down, and his ginormous ballzack. Your Right Hand Thief
  • Eight hours later, the nightmare continued as he was frogmarched out of the warehouse, tied up again and thrown into the same car boot.
  • They joined in and managed to catch him and he was frogmarched to the cash point and forced to withdraw cash to pay the bill.
  • Hassani and his hugely powerful star turn Taher Douis (later to become a record holder for the number of men he could support on his shoulders) leapt to the rescue, with onlookers saying that - like bouncers ejecting an unruly client - they appeared, in unruffled fashion, to "frogmarch" the misbehaving creature to the wings. Latest news, breaking news, current news, UK news, world news, celebrity news, politics news
  • You get through checkout and out the door, unaware that you're still clutching an unpaid-for package until you're frogmarched off to the manager's office.
  • Let's not use our constitutional powers of impeachment, inherent contempt, and power to direct the sergeant at arms to arrest and frogmarch Rove into the chambers of Congress. Senate Dems To Block Burris' Path To Senate -- Perhaps Even Literally
  • One held the shop's security guard at gunpoint while a second raider frogmarched a female member of staff into its office and ordered her to open a safe.
  • And you can't just say go and find the treatment room, it's up on the third floor of the shopping centre somewhere; sign them up, frogmarch them up there, get their money off them. TV review: The Apprentice and The Sounds of Hugh Laurie
  • Until we see these folks frogmarched into jail, we'll see more of this. Stevens: Justice Was Served (Damn!)
  • And so, as guards frogmarched my friend out of the courtroom shackled hands to feet, I wondered how confining that man for 17 years jives with my understanding of our nation's values.
  • The snappers were then confronted by security and "frogmarched" to the Brazilian beauty's villa, where they were asked to turn over their film, according to INF. Undefined
  • The snappers were then confronted by security and "frogmarched" to the Brazilian beauty's villa, where they were asked to turn over their film, according to Top Stories - Google News
  • As many of you are aware, I've been frogmarched into adopting a new comments system, and paying for it too. Archive 2010-01-01
  • If that doesn't work, encircle the suburbs with heavily armed tanks and frogmarch these people back into the city where they're supposed to be living in the first place.
  • And a quick frogmarch round an art gallery, then a coffee afterward that had sort of turned into lunch at the Ivy. The Little Lady Agency and the Prince
  • He was frogmarched out of the shop and swore at police.
  • It emerged that deputy leader of the council, Darren Hale, effectively frogmarched him out of the building as a panel of councillors - two Labour and one Independent - voted to suspend him.
  • We should be able to frogmarch her on to a plane. The Sun
  • I can understand that people's feelings were running high but the small number of individuals who pushed, shoved and almost frogmarched the Member of Parliament out of Badminton have done their cause no good at.
  • They frogmarched him into the yard.
  • As he did so the big man quickly grabbed his arms and the woman stripped his armour breastplate away, and he was frogmarched towards a small crag.
  • Well, except for Useful Idiots, who will frogmarch to whatever they say. Obama wants to turn his "YouTubing-Facebooking-texting-Twittering grass-roots organization ... into an instrument of government."
  • These powerful sleep chemicals frogmarch men off to the land of nod — whether we like it or not. The Sun
  • This poor, unsuspecting passenger was frogmarched off an aeroplane in full view of all the other passengers.
  • They will also be able to frogmarch unruly children under 16 back to their homes between the hours of 9pm and 6am.
  • He was frogmarched out of the building shortly thereafter.
  • The tallest pulled Andrew to his feet and frogmarched him to the stern.
  • The manager and waiter were frogmarched downstairs and locked in one of the cupboards while the robbers emptied the safe of cash.
  • And of course there have been some very silly, very illiberal and lots of unworkable, ‘eyecatching’ initiatives such as the famously ridiculous plan to frogmarch teenagers to cash points for on the spot fines.
  • We should be able to frogmarch her on to a plane. The Sun

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