How To Use French polish In A Sentence

  • Put it on wooden feet instead of castors, French polish to show it's original, and it'll look straight 1830. THE TARTAN RINGERS
  • But ten years ago he went back to painting and decorating and developed the French polishing and upholstery business from that.
  • His father was a French polisher who did not work often enough to provide the family with many creature comforts and they lived in a tiny back-to-back terraced house.
  • Got my leaflet today … I see I can get copies of it in audio, large tye braille english welsh french polish bengali chinese urdu arabic punjabi somli and gujarati but no other euro lanuague or mexian or spanish … .. hell there isnt even an option for chav .. for shame .. on May 6, 2009 at 12: 19 pm SUPD Cheap Trick, Well Done. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
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