How To Use Freeze-drying In A Sentence

  • Fructans appear to be special in their membrane protective action, since other polymers such as dextran and HES failed to protect the membrane barrier function during freeze-drying, whereas chicory inulin was able to retain CF.
  • The results indicated: freeze-drying method could do the longest preservation (at least 15 years) while beef broth agar plate method did the shortest (only 2 to 3 months).
  • The heat and mass transfer characteristic of carrot in the freeze-drying process is studied by the freeze-drying experiments of the middle and external part of carrot.
  • Freeze-Drying Freeze-drying is the technique originally used by Andean peoples to make charqui; they took advantage of the thin dry air to evaporate moisture from meat during sunny days and sublimate it from ice crystals during freezing nights. On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
  • The freeze-drying of cells can be divided into two steps: the first is the freezing process during which large ice crystals are formed, pushing the cells into an area defined as the unfrozen fraction. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
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  • Because royal jelly's composition is nearly 70 percent water, it's highly degradable, and freeze-drying helps lock in its nutrient value.
  • As the freeze-drying lactobacillus starter has extensive application, therefore, this craft has some reference value for all practical purposes.
  • At the far extreme of technology, meat is dehydrated by freeze-drying to provide lightweight military rations.
  • In the freeze-drying process, vitrification (also termed eutectic solidification) occurs in the unfrozen fraction between the ice crystals which are sublimated in an endothermic process. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Soon there will be a range of greener options for your funeral – from being dissolved in chemicals to freeze-drying. Eco-Friendly Funerals of the Future | Impact Lab

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