How To Use Four-stroke engine In A Sentence

  • The two-stroke cylinder head of the 100 cc TVS bike that was converted has been replaced by a new cylinder head, which suits only four-stroke engines.
  • The first display showed the insides of a four-stroke engine, clutch assembly, gearbox, propeller shaft and differential gear box.
  • The new model, designed exclusively for India, is powered by a 102 cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine with automatic transmission.
  • Each of the four major snowmobile manufacturers is producing one or more new models equipped with cleaner, four-stroke engines for 2003.
  • Its 25 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine can power the aircraft at a cruise speed of between 70-90 kph for 8-10 hours.
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  • The first display showed the insides of a four-stroke engine, clutch assembly, gearbox, propeller shaft and differential gear box.
  • Power plants for this class of racing are four-stroke engines with a capacity limit of 1 litre with any number of cylinders in any configuration.
  • At the heart of all 700 Rhino models is a fuel-injected 686cc liquid/oil-cooled four-stroke engine that feeds a high/low range Ultramatic transmission. Quad 2009 ATV Buyers Guide
  • In a four-stroke engine to see dirt bike is sturdy and durable, perfect for a rookie pilot who is likely to be familiar with the term crash and burn. Xml's
  • It has a 499cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with electric start and electric 2WD/4WD actuation. Quad 2009 ATV Buyers Guide
  • We moved from Stumps to Flemming's Bay, a trip of about five miles, which took less than ten minutes due to Mike having a ninety-horse power, four-stroke engine.
  • The four-stroke engine shows the cross-section of an engine complete with all functions such as fuel intake, ignition, piston compression, exhaust, and so on.
  • The engine in question isn't your typical weed whip's two-stroke, but a high-value design that mimics a typical automotive four-stroke engine design with overhead cams, poppet valves, and cylinder scavenging via a supercharger.
  • Buy one with a four-stroke engine - they emit one-tenth of the pollutants a two-stroke engine emits - and keep it maintained.
  • This was replaced in 1956 by a bigger four-stroke engine offering 297 cubic centimetres of raw power.
  • Why, that man didn't know any more about four-stroke engines than probably you do. 52449_CLARA
  • Outfitted with an electric starter and safety tether, this Polaris ATV is powered by a four-stroke engine.
  • The working range of the fuel screw on a four-stroke engine is one to three half-turns out, while the airscrew on a two-stroke engine has a working range of one-and-a-quarter to two half-turns out. Issue 9 Tips and Tricks
  • The Max uses the 498 cc Rotax single cylinder four-stroke engine and Bombardier's Visco-lok traction system.
  • Many hunters and boat-users have already moved to four-stroke engines because of the fuel efficiency and cleaner burn, Irving noted.
  • Four-stroke engines are heavier than two-strokes but the technology means they burn fuel more completely and emit fewer pollutants.
  • In four-stroke engines, one of the strokes is called the compression stroke.
  • The combustion chamber of a four-stroke engine is designed to induce turbulence through the addition of ‘squish’ areas in which the top of the piston is the mirror image of a corresponding area of the cylinder head.
  • Most smaller gas powered four-stroke engines tend to run a 30 weight oil.
  • The noise was not appreciably less - perhaps 20 percent - when encountering groups of the newer, four-stroke engine sleds.
  • Unlike two-stroke engines that have simple openings or ports for intake and exhaust, four-stroke engines have intake and exhaust valves at each cylinder head.
  • Because a four-stroke engine burns straight unleaded, as opposed to the typical two-stroke's oil-and-gas mix, it's not only less polluting, but sounds more like a Lexus than a chainsaw.
  • Unlike four-stroke engines, there's a power stroke with every rotation of the crankcase.

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