How To Use Four-lobed In A Sentence

  • On closer inspection one would find that the leaves of Lophozia barbata are four-lobed and succubous.
  • The Spindle Tree has a green bark, and glossy leaves, producing only small greenish flowers: whilst the pendulous ornaments so brilliantly borne in autumn are four-lobed capsules of a pale red hue, which open out and disclose ruddy orange-coloured seeds wrapped in a scarlet arillus. Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure
  • Its multispiral, heavily sculptured, darkly colored shell, plus its large four-lobed velum, point to a different type of snail, one of the neogastropods.
  • These have pink, four-lobed seed-pods, like a tiny biretta. Times, Sunday Times
  • They also have pink, four-lobed fruits that open to reveal bead-like orange seeds inside. Times, Sunday Times

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