How To Use Foundering In A Sentence

  • Once again, the RNLI lifeboat was called out, when a quarter-decked fishing boat was reported in danger of foundering on the rocks.
  • It describes a foundering civilisation, soon to be overrun, with the obligatory postscript from a future archaeologist noting that the ruins sit upon evidence of yet another culture.
  • Left-handed with him (one who ever was contradictious of Ciaran) they saw a ship foundering in their sight. The Latin & Irish Lives of Ciaran Translations Of Christian Literature. Series V. Lives Of The Celtic Saints
  • Mr. Wender asked Ms. Wasserman to let him know if she ever spotted an investment opportunity, and not long afterward she enlisted him to help rescue the foundering negotiant firm of Camille Giroud, with whom she'd worked for years. In the Domain of the Earth Mother of Burgundy
  • Instead of five years, let three years pass, and this clamorous Parlement shall have both seen its enemy hurled prostrate, and been itself ridden to foundering (say rather, jugulated for hide and shoes), and lie dead in the ditch. The French Revolution
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  • And beneath this thick canopy the unseen deep would literally "boil as a pot," wildly tempested from below; while from time to time more deeply seated convulsion would upheave sudden to the surface vast tracts of semi-molten rock, soon again to disappear, and from which waves of bulk enormous would roll outwards, to meet in wild conflict with the giant waves of other convulsions, or return to hiss and sputter against the intensely heated and fast foundering mass, whose violent upheaval had first elevated and sent them abroad. The Testimony of the Rocks or, Geology in Its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed
  • He believed his sister had died, drowned without mercy by Anskiere's hand during the foundering of the galleass Crow. Stormwarden
  • And then you hear the chap is no longer with us, as if the foreground were a busy harbor and out at sea a ship was foundering, comically unattended as it sunk and perished forever. If I Could Have a Conversation about It: Decline and Fall « Unknowing
  • Relief was clear because the tour had seemed on the point of foundering.
  • But its cap-and-trade 'emissions trading scheme' is foundering this week because the carbon price has virtually collapsed. Times, Sunday Times
  • In contrast to her previous greatness, her downfall is here, by a sudden transition, depicted under the image of a vessel foundering at sea. east wind -- blowing from Lebanon, the most violent wind in the Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • As Hammann made a wide circle to gain altitude and get his bearings, he sighted enemy patrol boats racing toward Ludlow's foundering Macchi.
  • He's reverted to his pre-convention state of fumbling and foundering and flummoxing and falling into a fevered form of flabbergast. Will Durst: Old Piranha Pants
  • The presence of the fluid layer makes this whole process comparable with the formation of a caldera by the foundering of the superstructure of a volcano into a void generated by the removal of magma.
  • Parapsychology needs transpersonal psychology to keep it from foundering in technical sterility.
  • Of crumbling, fore-foundering, thundering all-surfy seas in; seen5 'What being in rank-old nature should earlier have that breath been'

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