How To Use Forty-one In A Sentence

  • Section forty-two of chapter seventy-one of the General Laws, as amended by chapter one hundred and twenty-three of the acts of nineteen hundred and thirty-four, is hereby further amended by inserting after the word "advisable" in the twenty-seventh line the following sentence: — In case a decrease in the number of pupils in the schools of a town renders advisable the dismissal of one or more teachers, a teacher who is serving at the discretion of a school com - mittee under section forty-one shall not be dismissed if there is a teacher not serving at discretion whose position the teacher serving at discretion is qualified to fill. Acts and resolves passed by the General Court
  • Forty-one years after Argentina's Roberto De Vicenzo suffered one of golf's most infamous calamities when he signed an erroneous Masters scorecard to be disqualified from a playoff, his countryman finishes the job. Masters finally able to deliver a Sunday filled with drama
  • I'm technically forty-one, but I've been awake for only nineteen years, so the Good Magician used youth elixir to youthen me back to my subjective age. Harpy Thyme
  • Francis estimates the recent dorsiferous ferns of Great Britain at thirty-five species, and the species of all the other genera at six more, -- forty-one species in all; and as the flowering plants of the country do not fall short of fourteen hundred species, the ferns bear to them the rather small proportion of about one to thirty-five; whereas of the British Coal The Testimony of the Rocks or, Geology in Its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed
  • In the forty-one with faster population growth, incomes per person fell by an average of 1. 25 percent per year.
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  • insurge" and the promise of his favor if we "got into line," forty-one Under the Prophet in Utah; the National Menace of a Political Priestcraft
  • Forty-one people are said to have been seriously hurt.
  • Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack points out that agriculture is one of the few major areas of the economy with a trade surplus. A surplus of forty-one billion dollars is predicted in twenty-eleven.
  • Delicate lily-pads had been carefully placed on the glassy mirror of a thousand reflections, and clumps of reeds, bullrushes and gorse made forty-one shades of green.
  • It contains twenty-eight tapestries, 118 sculpted figures and forty-one paintings.
  • Kimura, 2.25 quoted by Whitney, speaks of a case of extrauterine pregnancy in a Japanese woman of forty-one similar to the foregoing, in which an arm protruded through the abdominal wall above the umbilicus and the remains of a fetus were removed through the aperture. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
  • In the period 1831-65 no fewer than forty-one Anglican clergymen had presided over its various sections.
  • There are very few plains and a great many mountains; hardly any roads, as we have just seen; thirty-two curacies, forty-one vicarships, and two hundred and eighty-five auxiliary chapels. Les Miserables
  • The exhibition drew more than forty-one thousand people and was reviewed in newspapers and journals across the country.
  • In story forty-one: Spitting in the omelet is a fine revenge. 2010 April 04 « The BookBanter Blog
  • Republican women hold forty-one state elective offices, and Democrats, forty-three.
  • I think about Ahab on his ship, pacing the quarterdeck, possessed by and obsessed with the white whale; I think of Ishmael, in chapter forty-one, the white whale lurking in the depths, as he attempts to understand his complicated captain and his quest. History of a Suicide
  • In infant mortality, Bangladesh has a similar advantage: it is fifty per thousand in India and forty-one in Bangladesh.
  • Forty-one He'd been making Lee practise Vivaldi's Concerto in G minor for two cellos. THE KINDEST USE A KNIFE
  • I'm a forty-one-year old metropolitan male, blissfully and undeservedly attached to a very charming woman, but I can well remember what it is like to be a thirty something single male.
  • Forty-one He'd been making Lee practise Vivaldi's Concerto in G minor for two cellos. THE KINDEST USE A KNIFE
  • Forty-one UK councillors, three London Assembly members and two MEPs belong to the Green Party
  • Ed's incredibly distinguished-looking; elegant, a young forty-one, with strong cheekbones and an aquiline nose. RESCUING ROSE
  • But then, an even more amusing mixup once appeared in the "errata" section of The New York Times: "The photo that appeared yesterday on page forty-one, labeled as the sun, was the moon. The Streak of Streaks
  • Forty-one of the children began working between the ages of eight and thirteen, most starting at ages ten or eleven.
  • “Elizabeth,” said Gomez, her heart racing, “what was your plan for dealing with forty-one multiton, radioactive rock creatures when they woke up, possibly disoriented, possibly pissed off?” Creative Couplings
  • I have seen an etheromaniac at forty-one a wizened, bent, decrepit, and tottering old man.
  • Only forty-one years separated us, but her statement left me pole-axed. Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • Amidst a houseful of mourners grieving their beloved, my mother managed to phone me and whisper that this woman, who was forty-one, recently had twins. Live and Let Love
  • A former member of the Virginia legislature as well as a militia captain and commissioned leader of partisan rangers, Peregrine Hays was forty-one years old at the time of his capture.
  • Forty-one girls wore dresses they had made before representatives of the Waterbury Institute of Arts and Crafts, who judged them "not only on the sewing but on becomingness of the material, the color and the style. "Make It Yourself": Home Sewing, Gender, and Culture, 1890-1930
  • Her best friend at Downe House, Amanda Cherry, was just nineteen when she embarked on a scandalous affair with her forty-one-year-old married social studies teacher, Ian Goodridge. William and Kate
  • Forty-one states have supermax units that resemble Pelican Bay.
  • Forty-one of these cases were "allogeneic" transplants, in which blood from one individual was used to treat another member of the family. Docs weigh in on private cord-blood banking

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