How To Use Fort worth In A Sentence

  • Some pregnant daughter of Fort Worth's richest dickhead is stolen away by her boyfriend. Musing on the things still to do
  • Dallas-Fort Worth In keeping with tradition, the Galleria Dallas has put up its 95-foot Christmas tree, and a backflipping Santa soon will start entertaining on the ice-skating rink in what is one of Dallas's largest malls. Retail Sector Pinched by Glut of New Supply
  • It is a small effort worth making if we want to avoid a descent into widespread anarchy, terrorism, pandemics of global disease, and other avoidable calamities.
  • A current series of articles in the Fort Worth Star Telegram calls into question the business practices and ethics of a local evangelist.
  • I was born in Fort Worth but we moved around a lot and I was reared in east Texas.
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  • It was acquired by the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, which decided to deaccession it last year.
  • Fort Worth is a neighbor of Dallas ; what is the closest neighbor to the Earth?
  • Here in Texas, Wal-Mart is receiving 21 tagged products from eight suppliers at Distribution Center 6086 in Sanger and distributing to stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
  • Fort Worth coin dealer B. Max Mehl, a tireless promoter of the coin hobby throughout the first half of the 20th century, included the sale in his May 1950 Golden Jubilee Sale, featuring the Jerome Kern Collection and other properties. CLASSIC RARITIES: Adams-Carter 1804 Class III Silver Dollar : Coin Collecting News
  • Fort Worth is a neighbor of Dallas
  • A new tornado watch has just been issued right here, covering the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, southward down to just west of Houston, includes the Austin-San Antonio area.
  • Today, Fort Worth still celebrates its colorful Western history and heritage.
  • I'm a Fort Worth gal born and raised and brisket is a way of life! My oven-baked brisket | Homesick Texan
  • We look forward to displaying the logo widely throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and to our international outlets.
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reveals that the latest to be nixed is actually popular children’s author Bill Martin Jr. Think Progress » Right-wing Texas Education Board accidentally bans popular children’s book author.
  • But money and land have always talked loudly in racing, and in the expansively named Grand Prairie, in the centre of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex where Lone Star Park was built, there is plenty of both.
  • Ben Hogan, one of only four players to win golf's four Grand Slam titles, died at his in home Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday.
  • In Fort Worth horses evoke rodeo and Baltimore is home to the Preakness Stakes, one of the races that make up the triple crown.
  • The Ashton showcases a collection of artworks from the Fort Worth Circle - painters, sculptors and printmakers prominent here beginning in the 1930s and '40s.
  • The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame calls Fort Worth home and one of Mother's old school chums is a member.
  • A football player by trade, Herschel Walker has bobsledded in the Olympics, danced in the Fort Worth Ballet and enrolled at an FBI training center. - News
  • But the view made the effort worthwhile. The Sun
  • This will happen in Fort Worth, the city that gave you Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, not to overlook the ice cream drumstick and washeteria.
  • Today, Fort Worth still celebrates its colorful Western history and heritage.
  • The event, held every four years in Fort Worth, Texas, is the country's leading piano contest.
  • I was born in Fort Worth but we moved around a lot and I was reared in east Texas.
  • The moderator of Face the Nation and his wife, Pat, are expected in Fort Worth for the official dedication ceremony March 8.
  • The other dioceses -- San Joaquin, Calif., and Fort Worth, Texas -- had also refused to ordain women, but conservatives in those dioceses, and the bishops who led them, have seceded from the Episcopal Church in the last three years. Last Episcopal Holdout Ordains Female Priest
  • When Chris carried his display into the regional fair in Fort Worth last month, he knew immediately that he was out of his league.
  • He threw some of the most lavish parties Fort Worth had ever seen.
  • She's just opened an eco-friendly store called The Greener Good in Fort Worth, Texas. Latest News
  • In 1934, 75 years ago, the first laundromat (called a "washateria") opened, in Fort Worth, Undefined
  • In the town of Euless, Texas -- a city of about 50,000 outside of Fort Worth -- a Puerto Rican santero priest is fighting City Hall for the right to kill animals in his home, located in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac. Middle Class Santeros Raided By Police
  • This weekend Brad and I went to Fort Worth to visit my fam.
  • It is now in flyable storage in Fort Worth.
  • I was born in Fort Worth but we moved around a lot and I was reared in east Texas.
  • We make the journey, we take the trouble, we think the effort worth it.
  • I was a "flitter" of the first water, and after I had been in Fort Worth for a very short while I became possessed of a desire to see something of the far famed border towns along the Rio Grande frontier. Danger Signals Remarkable, Exciting and Unique Examples of the Bravery, Daring and Stoicism in the Midst of Danger of Train Dispatchers and Railroad Engineers
  • The temple complex, earlier than Angkor, is a steep climb up through frangipani trees - but the view from the top and the early carvings, some almost hidden by the jungle, make the effort worth-while.
  • I was born in Fort Worth but we moved around a lot and I was reared in east Texas.
  • Sheppard, who was visiting Williams from his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, described Blair Clark as "overdrunk" and said the cousin later had to be restrained from fighting with members of the Tre Tre Crips outside the club. Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local
  • Cops issue warnings over backyard beer machine | | Texas News: FORT WORTH, Texas�— A house on Berry Street has a reputation. Archive 2010-06-27
  • Sometimes crime investigation is so difficult, like the real stumper for Fort Worth, Texas, detectives.
  • Hollins, who has missed the past week with a mild ankle sprain, is averaging 12.2 points and 10.4 rebounds for Fort Worth. ... - Basketball - Boston vs. Charlotte
  • The IG's finding means that the EPA is "finally shutting down an experiment that was based on shoddy science," said Jim Hecker, a lawyer at Public Justice, a public-interest law firm whose criticism dissuaded the EPA from using the shortcut at an abandoned motel in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2004. The Center for Public Integrity: EPA allowed unsafe handling of asbestos, IG says
  • When the railroad finally arrived in 1876, Fort Worth became a major shipping for livestock.
  • FORT WORTH, Texas -- It feels like walking into some kind of motorsports Oval Office. Undefined
  • In 1934, the first laundromat (called a "washateria") opened, in Fort Worth, Texas. CBS 13 Recipes Videos
  • The panel also cited Wright for accepting gifts and benefits from a Fort Worth developer.
  • At the sale, John Nelson Rowe, III, was the high bidder, acting on behalf of L.R. French, Jr., a Texas numismatist from Midland County, halfway between Fort Worth and El Paso. CLASSIC RARITIES: Adams-Carter 1804 Class III Silver Dollar : Coin Collecting News
  • 'When you become a landlord, you become a rent collector, ' says Mark Kreditor of Get There First Realty, which manages 1, 600 rentals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • I was born in Fort Worth but we moved around a lot and I was reared in east Texas.
  • A city of northeast Texas an industrial and residential suburb of Fort Worth. Population, 33, 574.
  • A city of northern Texas northeast of Fort Worth. It'settled c . 1843. Population, 20, 821.
  • That confrontation came on November 8, when a man stole a semi truck loaded with lumber in a suburb of Dallas and then led police on a three-hour chase throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

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