How To Use Forgoing In A Sentence

  • I noticed he was dressed in formality that night, forgoing his wonted loud, showy colors I normally saw him in.
  • But the forgoing might be the subject of a subsequent presentation. The UFO Chronicles
  • If the idea of forgoing the oh-so-sweet sweet potatoes is too upsetting, consider serving both versions. Berks county news
  • At the margin the boycotter is decreasing demand for Citgo product and (assuming they are not forgoing any purchase) increasing demand for another company's product, affecting the revenue of each company. Oil is Oil, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • My partner, Jack, stayed home, forgoing the 18-mile drive to work over snow-covered roads.
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  • The slide-like table top allows one to literally push those useless papers to the side and straight into the bin – forgoing the loathsome task of crumpling and searching under your desk for that bin. Adele Chong | Inhabitat
  • I noticed he was dressed in formality that night, forgoing his wonted loud, showy colors I normally saw him in.
  • The figure tramped through the alleys, forgoing the masses of disobliging people for the emptiness of the slums.
  • Unfortunately, if the marginal value175 to the consumer of a given datum is small, then the value of not disclosing that datum will in most cases be lower than either the cost of negotiating a confidentiality clause (if that option even exists), or the cost of forgoing the entire transaction. Privacy Myopia, Economics of
  • The memo offers students a "friendly reminder on some dress code and personal hygiene basics," such as teeth-brushing, haircutting and forgoing backpacks, tacky cufflinks (for men) and cute rain boots (for women). Columbia B-School Students Chastised For Being Unhygienic, Impolite
  • In some cases, patients won't notice a difference in their care because doctors effectively explain the reasons for pursuing a less-aggressive approach, such as forgoing an MRI scan for low-back pain unless symptoms change dramatically or no improvement is shown over a period of time, says Marge Ginsburg, executive director of the Center for Healthcare Decisions, a nonprofit group in Sacramento, Calif. Imagine Doctors, Patients Talking
  • I was trying to convince myself that I wanted to remain childless, as so many people I know are forgoing children by choice. The Powerful Equation of Love
  • And so by means of telling the truth undeviatingly as it appears to him — by being a great artist and forgoing this and daring that in order to give effect to his prime quality, a sense of reality — he comes in the end to make common actions dignified and common objects beautiful. The Common Reader, Second Series
  • If the forgoing is true then why did law enforcement not act sooner? Terrorism in the Modern Age: the Event and the Response
  • I recall forgoing Sprite, my soda of choice, during an early health crusade at age 13, but I have since recovered enough to appreciate sugar, along with butter, oil, and cream, for their gastronomical value. Columbia Spectator - News, sports, and entertainment coverage for the Morningside Heights community in New York City.
  • In ruling out a Yes vote from the get-go, Israel conceded immediate defeat in the world body, in the process forgoing a range of tactical advantages it could have gained by signaling qualified support for a resolution and then negotiating to help shape its wording to a text Israel could have profited by backing. Bradley Burston: Ten Reasons Palestine Is Right to Bring its Case to the UN
  • McNamara and Blight argue that the U.S. should pledge not to use force unilaterally except to repel an attack, forgoing sovereign rights in favor of the collective security of a multilateral organization.
  • A corporation is not endowed by its creator with any inalienable rights, and not only does a corporation have no moral interest in forgoing some profit in exchange for helping a person in their time of need, but it arguably has a duty not to do so, because of its fiduciary responsibility to stockholders. Matthew Yglesias » Promises and Penalties
  • I contemplated forgoing the gloating and simply waving to the Beemer boys in a gentlemanly, dignified manner.
  • Despite seven trips to the disabled list in eight seasons, J.D. received his largest payday from the Red Sox this year, agreeing to a five-year, $70 million deal after forgoing the final three years of his contract with the Dodgers that would have paid him $33 million. Big-league World Series hopes for small-town hero
  • I do straight sets, forgoing advanced intensity techniques like forced reps or drop sets.
  • An opposition party refusing to move on is forgoing any possible historical turning point.
  • In general, alpine and arctic birds have developed a variety of mechanisms to adjust or delay reproductive effort during storms, without forgoing or abandoning the breeding attempt.
  • I, Bryndal M. Ellison, officer of the Caledonian Court and Counselor of Law, do certify that the above and forgoing is a true, correct and entire copy of the Decree of Court, re: Adoption of Lady Tempyst Lane Wormser, a minor doll, file number 1023; so full and entire as the same remains of record and on file in said office. Archive 2007-07-01
  • Forgoing the usual "comedown" finale, Magda instead closes the mix with Jimmy Edgar's "Beat Squared"/Jan Jelinek's "Tierbeobachtungen", whose punchy rhythm and synth blasts clearly nod back to the vintage sounds of Detroit, as well as Factory Records 'Be Music productions of the 1980s. PopMatters
  • Forgoing politicking, I am deeply troubled by the unemotionality of our president whose eyes stare out coldly. News
  • If AIG employees aren't happy with the idea of forgoing massive bonuses, well then good fuckin 'luck trying to find another job. Nashville for the 21st Century
  • Even the simple act of observing a sleeper normally requires forgoing sleep oneself.
  • After all, I was merely forswearing a bad habit, forgoing a bad frame of mind. Chapter 30

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