How To Use Forehanded In A Sentence

  • Now as wheat is no longer king and the fruit business is, our forehanded people show the same disposition.
  • The summer waned; the cows were turned into the shack, and the most "forehanded" among us began to cut boughs for banking up the house, and set afoot other preparations for winter's cold. Meadow Grass Tales of New England Life
  • Hale, merry fellows they were -- a little more red of face and loud of talk than was quite seemly in a stranger's eyes, but industrious and "forehanded," and kind of heart to parents, wives and babies. The Secret of a Happy Home (1896)
  • Her husband was energetic and "forehanded," and without the slightest approach to intentional cruelty, looked to his wife to "keep up her end of the log. The Secret of a Happy Home (1896)
  • 'Sence you're so blamed forehanded about it, no; I'd b'lieve nature first, and facts.' The Men of Forty Mile
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  • forehanded" than Marsdenites in general, had neglected to provide one for herself. The Brass Bound Box
  • 'T won't burn up any faster for being chopped," Friend Barton said; and then his wife Rachel knew that if he had a reason for being "forehanded" with the wood, he was not ready to give it. In Exile and Other Stories
  • Always presume that the enemy has dangerous designs and always be forehanded with the remedy.
  • Americans simply must become more forehanded and consistent in the way we manage our public affairs.
  • Nobody believed that the forehanded man was going to kill himself when he picked a spot under a big tree, permitted himself to be photographed digging his grave.
  • It isn't surprising that Kaspersky offers most forehanded upgrades for their users because often Kaspersky Lab. is the first to report new malware.
  • But to tell the truth, I never was a very forward old fellow, nor what my farming neighbors call a forehanded one. I and My Chimney
  • Toby was said to be the most thrifty and "forehanded" darkey in the settlement. True To His Colors
  • As the U.S. Navy preaches to its officers: ‘Be forehanded.’
  • forehanded" with the wood, he was not ready to give it. Stories by American Authors (Volume 4)

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