1. parallel with the keel of a boat or ship
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How To Use fore-and-aft In A Sentence

  • There can be no doubt that the lateen sail, which goes back at least to the early Egyptians, had the germ of a fore-and-after in it. All Afloat A Chronicle of Craft and Waterways
  • When a musician performs a Bach Fugue or Beethoven Sonata, a wrong note is called a "clinker," and can be as jarring as a mixed-up before-and-after ad. Michael Sigman: Once Is A Mistake, Twice Is Jazz
  • The jibs and staysails are triangular, the spanker a quadrangular {108} fore-and-after. All Afloat A Chronicle of Craft and Waterways
  • She had ceased to be profitable in competition with the larger, more modern fore-and-after, but these battered, veteran craft died hard. Modern American Prose Selections
  • Poor Sarah took off her frock and washed it before me, without a sign of distress or embarrassment; and then we went off together and had a bit of a dance, -- a rough-and-tumble fore-and-after, -- at the nearest booth. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 106, August, 1866
  • Well, you must understand that this room was low, scarcely higher than the cabin of a fore-and-after, with no skylights to it, or wind-sail, or port-hole that would open. Springhaven
  • Swash carried a wapper of a fore-and-aft mainsail, and, what is more, it was fitted with a standing gaff, for appearance in port. Jack Tier; Or, the Florida Reef
  • Before-and-after analyses of the footbath by the Medical Toxicology Unit, New Cross, confirmed that the brown stuff that appears in the bathwater is iron-based, and that the bathwater showed no sign of the urea and creatinine ( "probably the smallest molecules - call them 'toxins' if you like - that your body gets rid of, in places like urine and sweat") that you'd expect if any dialysis were happening. Archive 2004-09-01
  • Also, the fore-and-aft sail on the mizzenmast, originally a triangular lateen sail, was changed to accommodate the more modern rig.
  • And so, although the light-winged craft that was following the ship sailed three feet to her two; yet she had such a long start, and the breeze was so fair and dead aft -- which was all in favour of a square-rigged vessel and against a fore-and-after, that sails best with the wind abeam -- that the felucca was still some five miles off when day broke and the chief mate first discovered her. Picked up at Sea The Gold Miners of Minturne Creek
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