How To Use Foamy In A Sentence

  • Called Instant Gel, their proposal also makes use of existing water-borne organism and pollutants but this time they are to be used to set off a chemical reaction with layers of flexible gelly structures, creating fantastical island-sized foamy water lilies. Some Proposals for a Venice Lagoon Park
  • Bitot's spots: foamy white patches on bulbar conjunctive. Chapter 10
  • But O, build it strong and stanch, And to the lines and the treacherous rocks look well as you launch Over the foamy tops of the waves, and their foam-sprent sides, Over the hidden reefs, and through the embattled tides, Onward rushes the raft, with many a lurch and leap, -- Lord! if it strike him loose from the hold he scarce can keep! Complete March Family Trilogy
  • A sap-sucking bug that coats plants with wads of foamy spit has been crowned the insect world's greatest leaper.
  • - Watch for dangerous waves and signs of rip currents, such as discolored or unusually choppy water, or water that is foamy or filled with debris. Undefined
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  • Great hounds milled, their foamy jaws hinting at madness as they bit at each other before the sight of the dragonette and the frog set them running. Odyssey
  • A sky of roiling colors, and a shore upon which the waters of the dream-sea threw themselves, dark and foamy. EVERVILLE
  • Sweat darkened her golden coat and made white foamy rings where the halter had rubbed the perspiration into lather.
  • The horse's flanks were soaked, its face was white with lather where the bridle rubbed, and foamy spit flew from its mouth as it tossed its head.
  • At 15m a ledge with a boulder-strewn platform extended 30m to the foamy backwash near the cliffs.
  • To finish the sauce, using an immersion blender, froth the sauce until foamy, add the crayfish meat, and set aside keeping warm.
  • The smell of a chocolate dessert came wafting from the kitchen and someone decided we had to order one to share even though the description of its cold foamy sauce accompaniment sounded unappealing.
  • In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs with a whisk or fork until lemon-yellow and foamy.
  • At the very least the company made sure all our keisters were comfortable with thick foamy pads while watching the show.
  • Whipple's Disease • Histology of the duodenal biopsy showing clubbed epithelial villi with inflammatory infiltrate including numerous foamy macrophages (haemtoxylin-eosin stain, magnification × 250) pyoderma gangrenosum • Ulcerative lesion of pyoderma gangrenosum measuring 6.0 x 4.0 cm on the right medial shin of a 34-year-old woman with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • The "foamy" effect that we grew up thinking was the - Articles related to Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff released from Maryland federal prison to halfway house
  •     What wild sea did bear, what billows foamy regorged thee? Poems and Fragments
  • It's not foamy, which is kinda cool, and you put a thin layer on your face and let it sit for 30 seconds, generating a sensation toeing the line between tingling and scorching. Boing Boing: August 22, 2004 - August 28, 2004 Archives
  • What wild sea did bear, what billows foamy regorged thee? The Poems and Fragments of Catullus
  • I did the foamy butter thing on a granite slab heated up to over 500 degrees on our electric grill… the results were ok, sorta, but nothing close to the taste and texture of a “hot-tubbed” steak tossed onto a scorching hot big green egg… Sous Vide Supreme | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.
  • I at working on my lunchbreak and someone sent me a link to the photos of him laying on the ground in his apartment - he was blotched with purple and blue and had all this strange foamy cauk-like stuff coming out of his nose. The curse of semi-permanence
  • All of these entities lack prominent foamy macrophages.
  • A display cabinet of ornaments, including a china voluptuary bathing in something foamy, is to become a particular favourite.
  • Egg yolks, Marsala wine, and sugar are beaten vigorously in a double boiler until thick and foamy.
  • Jamie plunked the last glass in the drainer and pulled the drain, watching the foamy water spiral around the sink.
  • Dispensing witticisms in accents as thick as the foamy head on the Guinness they carefully pour, the tapsters at Dublin House move behind the long, well-used bar, with much of the same natural ease as many of the patrons down their drinks in front of it.
  • The text is at once self-justification and foamy-mouthed invective against the world.
  • Righteous folks should savor this clamor from the foamy-mouthed bile-droolers. Think Progress » Right Wing Reacts With Rage: Health Care Will ‘Do More Damage Than 9/11,’ ‘Freedom Has Been Assaulted’
  • With a small whisk or fork, beat 1 egg white in a medium bowl until foamy.
  • Within the microsporangium, the microspores are embedded in a foamy mass that is dispersed as ‘floats’.
  • foamy (or frothy) beer
  • The three of them slurped the same foamy drink with straws and she brushed a piece of cotton candy off his father's face. The Magician
  • I'll quote Laura here: This recipe makes you understand why meringues were invented in the first place: they crunch on the outside but there's just a membrane-like crust of that crispness, like thin ice, then you sink through a stiffly foamy limbo into a centre of marshmallowy gooiness. Archive 2007-06-01
  • Pantone had a beach party in mind when the color experts named the Top 10 shades for women next spring: tangerine tango, solar power, sodalite blue, bellflower, margarita, cabaret, driftwood, sweet lilac, cockatoo think sea foamy and starfish. ABC News: Top Stories
  • Lust-crazed stags in rut are spotted by intrepid early - birds on the Skye Deck, as seals and otters play in the foamy waters off the Summer Isles.
  • Strange how OSTLL think his foamy urine is a sign of virility but the science says otherwise. Think Progress » Maddow Corrects GOP Rep. Schock On Basic Facts Of Abdulmuttalab Case
  • In bowl, whisk together sugar and yolks until light yellow and foamy.
  • Its really fun to watch and newly made foamy jaggery (scooped from the pool using sugarcane stalks) is the best candy I have ever tasted in my life. Archive 2005-04-01
  • The trackside shots of runners breaking from the stalls are dramatic and the technology shows its worth when a horse jogs past after a race, sending great flecks of foamy sweat flying out towards the viewer. 3D show bidding to be sport's answer to Top Gear ready to exit stalls
  • When you see small bubbles beginning to form, start adding the same amount of flour and water once a day for the next two days, until the culture becomes very bubbly, possibly even foamy.
  • She is hardly knows what to say when she arrives at the home of singer Delysia LaFosse and finds her wearing “the kind of foamy robe, no mere dressing gown, worn by the most famous of stars in seduction scenes in the films.” 2008 November 10 « One-Minute Book Reviews
  • In a mechanical motion, Adam tipped the bottles over the glasses and a steady stream of foamy beer poured into them.
  • Thus the spear becomes 'the slaughter-shaft'; fighting 'hand-play'; the sword 'the leavings of the hammer' (or 'of the anvil'); and a ship 'the foamy-necked floater.' A History of English Literature
  • Over the foamy tops of the waves, and their foam-sprent sides, Their Wedding Journey
  • The background showed mild cytolysis with only occasional monotonous round cells that showed hyperchromatic nuclei with a delicate chromatin pattern and foamy cytoplasm.
  • I happened to have whipped left over, and that makes it foamy, but regular cream will do just fine, too.
  • My toes were gently caressed by the backwash of warm foamy waves, and I followed the strange vibrations of the sound, my ears stuck in a trance.
  • The "foamy" effect that we grew up thinking was the Peroxide killing germs is just a chemical reaction: much like the fizzing you get from pouring soda into a glass. - Articles related to Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff released from Maryland federal prison to halfway house
  • Cold, foamy water hushed over the rocks, and the gills of the fishes that swam in it caressed the rocks.
  • Kefir, a foamy, creamy milklike drink, has been shown to increase vitamin K2, which keeps osteoblasts from dying. You Staying Young
  • A foamy mess of soggy bread floated on top of a thick orange liquid.
  • The wrong gas system will cause beer inside kegs to go flat or get foamy at the end of every keg.
  • Within the microsporangium, the microspores are embedded in a foamy mass that is dispersed as ‘floats’.
  • Without a sudsy, creamy, foamy or oily lubricant, you can give yourself razor burn or rash - no thanks.
  • The team's research shows that Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is able to stimulate macrophages - the immune cells the bacterium infects - to accumulate fat droplets, turning them into "foamy" cells. - latest science and technology news stories
  • White and a pale sort of foamy green swirled together on the walls, and the doors were dark blue, ominous and foreboding pits that threatened to cave in before bad news.
  • I watch the sea and I think I see in the patterns of foamy surf tumbling arms and legs thrown together or held up, up in surrender. SEA MUSIC
  • The horse's flanks were soaked, its face was white with lather where the bridle rubbed, and foamy spit flew from its mouth as it tossed its head.
  • Butterfly-shaped farfalle tossed with baby spinach, roasted cipollini onions and chanterelles celebrates the market but also the pasta maker; the dish is meatless but rich, thanks to its foamy butter sauce. Tom Sietsema on Equinox and 701: New chapters for two downtown mainstays
  • Whisk the egg whites until they are foamy but not stiff.
  • The organ consists of byssal threads, each made in minutes from a specialized, foamy form of collagen. The Scientist
  • The resulting zabaglione should be thick and foamy, and will have doubled in volume. Times, Sunday Times
  • \par Acorna suddenly had a vision of translucent yellow puslike substances frozen in place as m ore solid, foamy-looking yellow substances, also frozen, towered above. Massage
  • Using steam attachment for cappuccino machine, froth milk until light and foamy.
  • In a bowl, beat the sugar and egg white together using an electric mixer until thick and foamy.
  • Whisk the egg whites until they are foamy but not stiff.
  • So our collective memories come in the form of flossy videos, foamy champagne toasts and still life magazine covers. Raymond Leon Roker: Notorious: The Biggie Biopic is Great But it Still Doesn't Answer, "Who Shot Ya?"
  •     But anear the foamy places when he came, to the frothy beach, Poems and Fragments
  • Otherwise every traffic jam will gradually vanish beneath a rising tide of its own foamy output.
  • There's no way of supping a full latte without getting a foamy moustache on your upper lip and it looks as daft on a power person as it does on an old grey man.
  • Xtools are a fine-looking line of marine tools; as the ISDA blog says, The rust-resistant tools feature tungsten-carbide cutting blades (for cutting braided wire) and foamy, soft-grip ergonomic handles that float. Boing Boing
  • I was given a can of foamy insulation-type stuff, and told to squirt foam into any holes in the boards in the ceiling.
  • Researchers have long been intrigued, and a bit unnerved, by a family of microbes known as spuma or "foamy" viruses. A Clue To Chronic Fatigue
  • To finish, place over medium heat and add remaining butter; whisk until foamy.
  • Moreover, foamy virus is just one of several that can make cultured cells swell up and agglomerate. A Clue To Chronic Fatigue
  • You'll notice that all the foamy bubbles will disappear from the surface of the soup - that's the sign that it's ready.
  • Melt some butter until it becomes foamy and brown, toss in some capers and lemon juice, and splash it onto the skate with a good grinding of black pepper and some chopped parsley.
  • These plaques, included for our immunohistochemical examination, were characterized by area of myelin reduction containing numerous macrophages with clear and foamy cytoplasm, positive with acid periodic Schiff staining (PAS) after diastase digestion. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • This is a stupid name because there's no chocolate in them at alll, and they are a kind of foamy-topped bar cookie that's really good. Happy birthday to me
  • I exploited this feature to make the foamy Italian dessert zabaione for guests while I sat with them at the table, finishing our main course. Snaring the Elusive Thermomix

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