1. deceive somebody
    We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week
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How To Use flim-flam In A Sentence

  • Only MPs believe the flim-flam from bhig Telcos on "how difficult it all is How Cumbria's village halls are pioneering a hi-tech revolution | Rory Stewart
  • It’s the worst kind of flim-flam, because it tries to cover the stench of nonsense by squirting liberal doses of scientific-smelling perfume. Reasons to Believe (that Creationists are Crazy)
  • Let artists create works exposing their flim-flams along with their names. Philip Slater: Creating A Register of Shame For White-Collar Malefactors
  • Change you can believe in" can now be filed with those other historic flim-flams: "A chicken in every pot" [Herbert Hoover, 1928], "He kept us out of war" [Woodrow Wilson, 1916], "Compassionate Conservatism" [Bush, Junior, 2000]. Obama Hits Auto Execs As "Tone Deaf," Demands "Ethic Of Responsibility" For Business Bigs
  • This sentence works because it makes a reader wonder: what was the final flim-flam? what kind of person uses the term flim flam, anyway? The Power of the First Sentence | Write to Done
  • Doolittle set a devastating tone early, revealing himself to be a 97-year-old man with a vicious trifecta of antiquation, using the words “hooligans,” “flim-flam man,” and “hobnobs” in machine gun succession. Midterm Roundup
  • Much of what they say is flim-flam, and this blog aims to set the record straight. 2010 January « Motivated Grammar
  • They're stock hucksters, touts, gamblers and flim-flammers.
  • For the past two decades, Western governments have been confounded, hoodwinked, bambozzled, bluffed, duped, manipulated, seduced, beguiled, flim-flammed and sandbagged by a master of deception into believing that there is "no alternative in the opposition". Alemayehu G. Mariam: J'Accuse!
  • I have, as well, and have wondered whether the persistent portrayal of Obama as being left of even Clinton has flim-flammed people. Obama: "I Don't Think There's Any Question That We Have A Mandate"
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