How To Use Flatfooted In A Sentence

  • With his long arms and peculiar flatfooted gait, his opponents compared him to an ape. Times, Sunday Times
  • Now the two tech icons are running neck and neck -- a reversal of fortune the bloggerati are inclined to ascribe to a combination of Steve Jobs 'genius and Microsoft's flatfootedness. Microsoft Slumps As Apple Trumps
  • But it very quickly degenerates into a flatfooted, predictable affair with a thumpingly earnest moral message. Times, Sunday Times
  • Eurozone leaders have been astonishingly flatfooted in response to this crisis. Times, Sunday Times
  • As a minister, despite a restricted budget, he once again displayed that spectacular flair that made his colleagues seem flatfooted. Times, Sunday Times
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  • He has been a clumsy, flatfooted and ponderous at times. Times, Sunday Times
  • Surely you wouldn't rather stumble about with your thick-necked flatfooted lummox of a boyfriend.
  • There's flatfooted choreography and one regrettable rap sequence. Times, Sunday Times
  • But thanks to the flatfooted regime of the 1930s, means testing remains anathema. Times, Sunday Times
  • He was flatfooted, knock-kneed and didn't remotely move his hips, just waved his arms like a lamppost. The Sun
  • Avoid being flatfooted and adopt a heel-toe action to your stride. The Sun
  • The Wife and Daughter, frightened as they are, raise their heads uppishly and follow flatfooted, sustained by a sense of their Sunday clothes and social consequence. Back to Methuselah
  • With the single-step and double-step run, it's all about being on the balls of your feet and not being flatfooted. The Sun

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