How To Use Flat-topped In A Sentence

  • A broad-crowned, flat-topped tree, the honeylocust typically attains a height of 24 m, with trunk diameters of 60-90 cm. Chapter 6
  • Our flight takes us north over a sprawling landscape of semi-desert and flat-topped mountains.
  • Jägers wore grey-green rather than field-grey uniforms, and a flat-topped shako rather than a spiked helmet.
  • He took advantage of the opportunity to record echo-sounding profiles across parts of the Pacific and discovered several flat-topped submarine mountains or seamounts.
  • An inflammatory dermatosis of unknown etiology, lichen planus classically presents as shiny, violaceous, flat-topped, polygonal papules, 2 mm to 10 mm in diameter.
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  • Fig. 206 represents a specimen of _Ranunculus acris_, in which the lower and lateral flower-stalks were not only increased in number, but so much lengthened as to form a flat-topped inflorescence -- a corymbose cyme. Vegetable Teratology An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants
  • Consisting of a flat-topped prismatic structure supported by a braced tube that encloses walls almost totally of glass, 21 Century Tower is a brilliant exercise in minimalism.
  • There, the landscape comprises steep-sided, flat-topped mountains with rocky meadows and semi-deciduous forests on the upper elevations in a patchwork of mostly open submontane forest and woodland savannas. Madeira-Tapajós moist forests
  • At the centre you see two large, flat-topped boulders which look like an altar in a cathedral nave.
  • Most carved stones are flat-topped outcrops of the local millstone grit.
  • There, concealed behind flat-topped rocks and scattered fallen trees, the warriors maintained their positions.
  • But the shark came up fast with his head out and the old man hit him squarely in the center of his flat-topped head as his nose came out of water and lay against the fish.
  • It has two three-bay kilns with pyramid-shaped roofs and raised flat-topped flues and a timber-framed lucam - a projecting loading door with a gabled roof through which barley was hoisted into the building to be turned into malt.
  • The Virgin and Santa Clara rivers snake easily between flat-topped mesas, following paths of least resistance.
  • The classic appearance of skin lesions includes violaceous polygonal flat-topped papules and plaques.
  • The plants are mainly spires such as white persicaria, daisy forms, including rudbeckias, and flat-topped umbellifers like sedums and achillea. Times, Sunday Times
  • It's formed by walls at least 50 yards high that look like flat-topped hills, tapering from roughly 65 yards thick at their base to 45 yards at their tops, which are covered in vegetation and trees. Toxic Sludge Could Spill Again, Hungary Government Warns
  • On physical examination, there were multiple flat-topped papules with white scale on her hands, wrists, and shins.
  • There against the purple horizon above the flat-topped dome rises the gray trickle of steam, barely visible, a thin ribbon unraveling into the night.
  • The High Coast of Ǻngermanland is the only hilly coastline in east Sweden, a region of steep-sided flat-topped forested hills and cliffy coasts with particularly interesting geology and geomorphology. Kvarken Archipelago High Coast, Finland and Sweden
  • Lichen planus is characterized by flat-topped, polygonal, violaceous papules, which are much smaller than the confluent papulonodular lesions seen in severe atopic dermatitis.
  • Contrast flower shapes as well, letting spiky, flat-topped, and pompom blooms play off each other.
  • A flutter of white in the shade of a flat-topped acacia tree caught his eye. THREE KINDS OF KISSING - SCOTTISH SHORT STORIES
  • The bedrock is an ancient, heavily eroded Cambrian metamorphic plateau dramatically punctuated by a chain of isolated flat-topped mountains. Aïr and Ténéré Natural Reserves, Niger
  • Climbing Mount Dundas, a flat-topped mesa that juts out into the bay, is a frequent summer ritual.

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