How To Use Fistfight In A Sentence

  • Congressional hearings, testimony at covert activity and contacts death of in Delavan, Wisconsin difficulties of in getting paid escapes of, see escapes exedra of and fame fan mail to and fate films of financial struggle of and fistfighting and gambling in Garnett, Kansas gives documents to Hardeen injuries of insurance inventions The Secret Life of Houdini
  • If I have it out and put it back in the holster under some duress I want it to stay put in case it goes from a gunfight to a fistfight and back to a gunfight.
  • A lot of it has to do with the art, but the crazy story is great too, and uses Batman as a detective, a gadgeteer, a fistfighter, and a superhero. God bless Steve Niles
  • A friendship later became a stormy relationship that has survived several break-ups, flirtations with other partners and even the occasional fistfight.
  • A friendship later became a stormy relationship that has survived several breakups, flirtations with other partners and even the occasional fistfight.
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  • Jenny making casual remarks, causing fistfights.
  • But you can expect gunfights and fistfights galore.
  • He spent his time consorting with prostitutes, getting into fistfights, and scribbling his thoughts down on napkins, all in various stages of intoxication.
  • It is less a macho comedy than what you might call a bromantic melodrama, an unabashed weepie with enough beer, sports, fistfights and cars to reassure the snuffling he-men in the audience that their tears are Not ... well, you know. NYT > Home Page
  • Ride the coaster and join the fistfight, do what you have to do.
  • Lanza, who seems ready to leap into a fistfight over the issue, describes in tones of pure horror how he added fruit juice to his drink and ‘inadvertently used aquavit instead of gin on one occasion.’
  • The rest of the less-than-TV-quality detective action story unfolds in gunfights, car chases, explosions, foot chases, fistfights, and a speedboat chase.
  • One reason that the violence in "The Matrix"—those floating fistfights, the annihilation of entire squads of soldiers by cartwheeling guerrillas—can fairly be called balletic is that, according to the rules of the movie, what is being destroyed is not real in the first place: the action has the safety of play and the excitement of the apocalyptic. Philocrites: May 2003 Archives
  • My intervention came in the nick of time, and tested the very limits of his fistfight brinkmanship.
  • Fistfights broke out in the hall and, for 20 minutes, police were unable to restore order.
  • Fresh news, especially when fuelled by unregulated shore-based alcohol, was apt to re-ignite fistfights among bluejackets with differing opinions.
  • Doesn't mean he cannot swash or buckle or both, but it will require additional suspension of disbelief, particularly if he has a fistfight with some muscled-up 20-year old.
  • Chunky young Wagner -- short, strong, and slow, a filling-station robber from downstate -- had shown no talent for fistfighting. STONE CITY
  • There are no fistfights or wisecracks or oddball events or wacky characters.
  • Of course there are horses, gunfights, fistfights, saloons, and all the typical stuff you'd expect to find in a Western, but this film is more than that.
  • Between 300 and 400 soldiers, border police and civilian police got into running fistfights with the protesting settlers, bloodying some of them.
  • I could have done without the attempts to make the movie a "real" spy movie --- I'm talking about all the things that get blown up and swallowed in gigantic fireballs and about the realistic violence of the fistfights. Lance Mannion:
  • A heated argument and a fistfight broke out whereupon the student council began to agitate for the transfer of seven of the staff involved.
  • A few years ago we went to Vietnam and had a fistfight just before takeoff about who had the window seat it said window seat on my ticket, the injustice still burns before we realised we were about to be shot by air marshalls. Pakistan v England, day four - over-by-over report
  • Girls get backhanded by misogynist male pigs, women get into fistfights with each other, old flames line up on opposite sides of the battlefield.
  • Pigeon Tony was unscathed only because he hadn't been at the fistfight and had still been trapped in TV custody. THE VENDETTA DEFENCE
  • This evening-long excursion into cinéma vérité culminated in a fistfight staged for the benefit of Dowse's camera.
  • For years, the underground bailes, or funk parties, ended in fistfights or shootouts between gangs.

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