[ UK /fˈɪʃənəbə‍l/ ]
[ US /ˈfɪʃənəbəɫ/ ]
  1. capable of undergoing nuclear fission
    fissionable material
    a fissionable nucleous
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How To Use fissionable In A Sentence

  • Unsuccessful, he placed funds in a Swiss bank for purchasing "loose nukes" or fissionable materials from individuals or "below the horizon" groups. Andrew J. Pierre: If Gaddafi Had the Bomb
  • Acquisition of fissionable materials is a substantial technical prerequisite for the manufacture of nuclear explosive devices.
  • Planes carrying Iranian nuclear scientists mysteriously crash-land, equipment for the highly sensitive centrifuging operation to separate the highly fissionable but rare isotope U-235 from the relatively inert but far more plentiful U-238 has mysteriously malfunctioned, occasionally blowing up. How the End Begins
  • This generator is a small pellet of polonium and beryllium, separated by foil within the fissionable fuel core.
  • These problems are not impossible to overcome -- there are already designs that have been tested that produce minimal amounts of high-grade fissionable materials and that have numerous safety features that make a serious accident virtually impossible. Energy in 2050, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • The fact remains that many, if not most, countries can't be trusted with the technology, if only because of carelessness with fissionable materials or nuclear waste.
  • The idea is that it produces more plutonium than the plant needs to run, providing fissionable material usable elsewhere in the nation's nuclear program.
  • Only small fractions of these fertile elements are needed for clandestine breeding of fissionable fuels.
  • If the metal thorium is exposed in a reactor to neutron bombardment, it may be transformed into a fissionable isotope of uranium having a mass 233. The Peacetime Applications of Atomic Energy
  • They leave open with what determination Washington will pursue the elimination of the existing stockpile of North Korean nuclear weapons and fissionable materials.
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