[ US /ˈfɝst/ ]
[ UK /fˈɜːst/ ]
  1. the time at which something is supposed to begin
    they got an early start
    she knew from the get-go that he was the man for her
  2. the first element in a countable series
    the first of the month
  3. the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving
  4. the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed at first of the bases in the infield (counting counterclockwise from home plate)
  5. the first or highest in an ordering or series
    He wanted to be the first
  6. an honours degree of the highest class
  1. indicating the beginning unit in a series
  2. serving to begin
    the beginning canto of the poem
    the first verse
  3. highest in pitch or chief among parts or voices or instruments or orchestra sections
    the first violin section
    played first horn
    first soprano
  4. preceding all others in time or space or degree
    the first house on the right
    the first meetings of the new party
    the first time
    the first phase of his training
    the first day of spring
    her first baby
    his first political race
  5. ranking above all others
    the top graduate
    was first in her class
    the foremost figure among marine artists
  6. serving to set in motion
    the initiative phase in the negotiations
    his first (or maiden) speech in Congress
    an initiatory step toward a treaty
    the magazine's inaugural issue
    the liner's maiden voyage
  1. prominently forward
    he put his best foot foremost
  2. before anything else
    first we must consider the garter snake
  3. before another in time, space, or importance
    let's do this job first
    I was here first
  4. the initial time
    when Felix first saw a garter snake
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How To Use first In A Sentence

  • When we see her, we remember that hot July day doing five knots pulling Jess and Jerry on a tube and Russ skippering his first yacht.
  • Blackpool Scorpions notched their first away win of the season against a good attacking Leigh team.
  • But at lunch on the first day we were approached by the helpful Hotel Manager Henri and offered a swap to an overwater bungalow.
  • Statutory rape laws were first enacted to protect minors from older predators.
  • Once tawhid is accepted as the first axiom of thought, the goal of life becomes bridging the gap between the asserter and the asserted. William C. Chittick, Ph.D.: Islam and the Goal of Love
  • The first batch of ten shows is seen as a test of viewer demand. Times, Sunday Times
  • We need first of all a fact finding mission and then we need to put together a coalition of conservators, a cultural coalition.
  • Metformin and sulfonylurea drugs -- the latter a class of diabetes drugs including glyburide, glipizide, chlorpropamide, tolbutamide and tolazamide -- are often among the first medications prescribed to lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Drug linked to increased risk for older diabetics
  • If there was any hope of holding on to even a shred of her dwindling self-respect, she should do exactly what she knew Margo would do—close the laptop, take her de-scrunchied, perfumed, and nearly thonged self down to the nearest club, pick up the first passably good-looking stranger who asked her to dance, and bring him back to the apartment for some safe but anonymous sex. Goodnight Tweetheart
  • First to unfold were the two 14-foot-wide drogue chutes, which oriented the craft and continued slowing it.
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