How To Use Firkin In A Sentence

  • Her own father was a cooper in Kilaville and made the firkins there.
  • Firkin & Gryphon - pronounced "griffin" - is expected to open in the fall, said Peter National Business News - Local Business News | bizjournals
  • Our first cask conditioned ale night will feature a firkin of Oatmeal Stout.
  • Firkin's new coat hung on him like a dreadnought, the sleeves coming over the nebs of his fingers, and the hainch buttons hanging down between his heels, making him resemble a mouse below a firlot. The Life of Mansie Wauch Tailor in Dalkeith, written by himself
  • Fire is a dull album punctuated by two great singles and two other good tracks, whilst the rest is dull, identikit garage rock that is usually confined to the realms of a pub band who've taken residency at your local Fart and Firkin.
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  • If that wasn't enough he has provided T-shirts for the gang to wear on the ride (no yellow jerseys required) and thrown in five firkins of beer.
  • I visited the once famous Micklegate run last Friday night and had a pint in the Firkin public house.
  • Five firkins - that's about 360 pints or 41 litres - of Black Satin, his latest brew, were snapped up from his brewery.
  • Half-way between Luss and Tarbet the water narrows, but it is still wide; the new road, we believe, winds round the point of Firkin, the old road boldly scaled the height, as all old roads loved to do; ascend it, and bid the many-isled vision, in all its greatest glory, farewell. Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2
  • firkin" - a small keg where cask ale is fermented. News
  • Or his comic masterpiece, Mac Flecknoe, satirising an obscure Restoration rival: "A tun of man, in thy large bulk is writ,/but sure thou'rt but a kilderkin of wit" (kilderkin: an old English unit of volume equal to two firkins). Only a sadist would inflict Dryden on our schoolchildren
  • But Craig, a former club footballer and referee, is confident the team has a good chance of winning and has donated a firkin to the players for after the game.
  • Two firkins, or bushels, make a measure called a rundlet or kilderkin, liquid, and a strike, dry. Reports and Opinions While Secretary of State
  • The 655 rack will hold either two firkins or kils in a one over one configuration.
  • Brought aboard a firkin o 'Graham-biscuit, -- jest the meal mixed up with water, -- no salt, no emptins, no nuthin'. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 85, November, 1864
  • Caspar shows up in the doorway looking for a firkin of water. CONFESSIONS OF AN UGLY STEPSISTER
  • The filled casks were then brought on small carts or by packhorses, each carrying two firkins.
  • If you take a barrel to be two kilderkins and a kilderkin to be two firkins (which are themselves, of course, nine gallons), then the saving works out at about 14p per pint.
  • Gary Firkins has managed to put it in -- tall, impossibly green corn. Harold allinson
  • This particular firkin is reserved for thirsty Long Island beer enthusiasts. Long Island Beer Events
  • The cask of Oakham Bishops Farewell is a full firkin which is about 80 pints. Long Island Beer Events
  • A firkin, as the reader probably knows, is the least compromising of casks, and Mr Latter regularly attended in person to "spile" it. Nicky-Nan, Reservist
  • Other sizes were the firkin, kilderkin and hogshead.
  • Two firkins, or bushels, make a measure called a rundlet or kilderkin, liquid, and a strike, dry. Reports and Opinions While Secretary of State
  • Eight gallons make a measure called a firkin, in liquid substances, and a bushel, dry. Reports and Opinions While Secretary of State
  • A firkin of the four per cent beer has already been donated to the players but whether they will use it to toast their success or drown their sorrows remains to be seen.

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