How To Use Firing range In A Sentence

  • MythBusters frontmen Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman weren't present for the experiment, but colleagues Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara were there when the cannon was shot from the police firing range in Dublin, Calif., in the presence of an explosives expert. MythBusters Launches Destructive Cannonball Into Neighborhood
  • Raise the red flag and they'll avoid you like a live firing range. Times, Sunday Times
  • An accidental dropping of one magazine on the concrete floor of the indoor firing range sheared off a piece of plastic leaving the magazine in pieces, nonrepairable and unusable.
  • These were made for the firing range not the white cube. Times, Sunday Times
  • He was out on the firing range and after 275 shots at the target, he hadn't hit it.
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  • The U.S. military left firing ranges in the Panama Canal Zone littered with thousands of unexploded rounds.
  • The squad machine gun variant has a heavier barrel for higher firing range.
  • They were fooling around on an Army firing range.
  • The vessel was essentially a truck designed to bring ordnance within firing range of targets.
  • There is talk of landowners denying the armed forces access to their firing ranges and a blockade of London is mooted.
  • They were fooling around on an Army firing range.
  • Along the beach was an army firing range where we would spend hours playing. Times, Sunday Times
  • Don't enter the firing ranges when the red flags are flying - usually from prominent places such as hilltops.
  • The experiment has been carried out since July on the vast military firing range at Dundrennan.
  • Real weapons are kept in storage and used at firing ranges. Times, Sunday Times
  • Up until a couple of overs ago, Johnson's TV 'beehive' - the graphic which shows the direction of his deliveries - resembled the firing range target of a meth drinker. BBC News - Home
  • This week three monster hunters stumbled on to a military firing range in Germany. Times, Sunday Times
  • At that point I began to hear birds chirping over the explosive sound of the firing range, I looked around in confusion, and then was awakened suddenly.
  • Test the altitude of gun 、 firing range and water amount of fire fighting squirt and water cannon.
  • Soldiers can still take care of firing ranges and training areas, but the rest can be farmed out.
  • Out of firing range of Yare's cellblocks, Lugo introduced me to Virginia, the secretary of the prison psychologist.
  • The request to move out comes because the power of the live missile with a warhead goes beyond the safety limits of the firing range and shrapnel could be blasted on to surrounding land.
  • They were fooling around on an Army firing range.
  • I have no recollection of shooting a one-point-seven-inch three-hundred-yard group with what the caption identifies as an FN PSR .308 rifle at their firing range and no recollection of posing for a picture with any executives of that company. A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set
  • Licensed gun holders may not load their firearms with bullets until they are in the firing range, Arroyo said.

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