How To Use Fifo In A Sentence

  • Prepare necessary material and spare part to support the production basic on the principle as FIFO.
  • FIFO(first in first out )and DMA are two primary modes for the high-speed data transfer between the data acquisition(DAQ)equipments and PCs.
  • When the queue for that link reaches a pointer in the FIFO for that data packet, it is retrieved from memory and forwarded to its destination.
  • The Supplier shall implement a First In First Out (FIFO) system for disbursement of product from storage.
  • Instead, it services the I / O request at the head of the FIFO queue, plus a couple extra for good measure.
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  • Proper first in - first out ( FIFO ) system on materials are practiced.
  • The FIFO buffer is sized to include a number of storage cells equal to the product of the maximum frequency offset between the write clock and read clock and the maximum number of data units in a packet.
  • A bitmap indicates which queues are not empty, and the individual queues are FIFO lists.
  • We use sequence number of TCP to realize the FIFO order.
  • The real-time FIFO devices are built during the RTLinux installation and created in the initialization of the real-time modules.
  • The improved design of FIFO in respect of Multi - Asynchronous Clock Designs acquires perfect working performance.
  • Asynchronous FIFO is a general way to communicate between different clock domains.
  • Asynchronous FIFO is a general way to communicate between different clock domains.
  • Result shows that asynchronization FIFO solves cross - clock data transfer between ARINC 659 and PCI 9054.
  • This allowed me to do a live dump of the database with pg_dump and store it directly to the backup set without writing it to the disk. bacula wiki define methods that either use files or FIFO to do the backup, I Planet Debian
  • Infifon Hong Kong Ltd. (IFHK) is the exclusive distributor of premium Cuban cigar in mainland China. The present report discusses this company's marketing strategy in the Chinese market.
  • According to the results of practical microprogrammings for processing of mathematical functions, etc., it was found that the capacity of two words for the FIFO memory were sufficient for most of the cases.
  • We have already met this structure in relation to waiting lines, where we recognized it as being a first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage system.
  • Real-time FIFOs are queues that can be read from and written to by Linux processes.
  • The location of the data packet in memory is then sent to a FIFO entity associated with the appropriate output link.

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