How To Use Field gun In A Sentence

  • A battery of field guns had been increasing its activity over the last hour, Reeves reported.
  • In an old brickfield, the advance was again stayed by a battery of field guns firing point blank.
  • It should be explained here that the word Teuton is used advisedly, for in reality it is to the Austrians before the Germans that the development of the 11-inch and bigger field gun, with its special carriage and caterpillar-tread wheels owes its existence. Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights
  • Two Brazilian regiments were ordered to the Campo, field guns trained on the barracks, and a deputation of senators sent to parley with the rebels.
  • A battery of field guns had been increasing its activity over the last hour, Reeves reported.
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  • They include field guns, which fire with a flat trajectory, howitzers and mortars, which have arching trajectories, antitank guns, firing high-velocity shot, and self-propelled guns.
  • Two 12 lb field guns and limbers in the RAN are fitted to the gun carriage configuration.
  • The cabinet contained drawers full of miniature soldiers - armies which went back to Roman and ancient Greek times, with all the accoutrements of war through the ages, from siege towers and ballistae to the howitzers and field gunsjust coming into service before the First World War. Final Resting Place of The Pen
  • The artillery support for this regiment is called light … which means 57mm field guns, firing over open sights. Book at Bedtime
  • Next day the shamefaced deputies of the Riksdag were forced to walk between lines of troops with fixed bayonets to assemble in a Parliament Hall surrounded by field guns, each with an artillerist standing behind it with a lighted taper.
  • The field gun destroyed the building being used by Hollis as shelter.
  • The ceremonial 25 - pounder field guns were provided by 40 Regiment Royal Artillery from Topcliffe Barracks, near Thirsk, which fired a Royal Salute when the Queen arrived in Glasgow as part of her Golden Jubilee Tour.
  • Each member of the team has a precise role, and perfect timing is crucial - the winner of the field gun is decided by hundredths of a second.
  • Though he has trained for field gun before, this is his first time in the final eighteen.
  • Exposed to a constant fire of field guns, the Afghans stood their ground, although poorly armed with a variety of obsolete weapons -- from an Enfield to a handjar or a stick. Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute
  • Our gunners still continued to harass the enemy with an occasional _rafale_ from their field guns. The Story of the "9th King's" in France
  • A field gun crew from HMS Drake has demonstrated its skills just days ahead of an inter-service competition.
  • At the siege of Metz in 1944, during the liberation of France, for example, heavy coast artillery pieces and field guns shelled the fortresses there.
  • The heaviest were the artillery, including four 12-pounder naval guns mounted on wheeled carriages, six 6-pounder field guns, four 8-inch howitzers, and fifteen Coehorn mortars; each 12-pounder weighed over a ton. George Washington’s First War
  • For a more detailed military example, consider the introduction of a mobile field gun.
  • At Wembley, still seeking low-gear fitness, at times he brought to mind not so much a young Alan Shearer as the old Alan Shearer, a single pummelling shooting boot, to be unpackaged and wheeled about the park like a rust-bound first world war field gun. England's Andy Carroll is not the first with a thirst for success | Barney Ronay

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