[ US /ˈfɛtɪʃ/ ]
[ UK /fˈɛtɪʃ/ ]
  1. excessive or irrational devotion to some activity
    made a fetish of cleanliness
  2. a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or item of clothing or part of the body
    common male fetishes are breasts, legs, hair, shoes, and underwear
  3. a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
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How To Use fetish In A Sentence

  • Oh dear ... our gal SUZANNE has her fetus-fetishist panties in the bunchiest of bunches. I’ll take “Divorced From Reality” for $500, Alex.
  • The company has an almost fetishistic attachment to narrowcasting.
  • Posting articles about ethical polyamoury on a philanderer's site is like putting pictures of hands on a foot fetishist site.
  • He wasn't so sure that the welding of artist and model improved the art, that her sudden fetish for Captain Hunt's bete-noir would inspire the strumming fingers of her daemon.
  • I find the fetishization of hairlessness strange… I wonder sometimes if it is not the result of the idealization of adolescent body types. The Most Hairiest Man in the World? » Sociological Images
  • The Prime Minister, who seems to make a fetish of showing that power is not incompatible with panache, is (or so his spokesman says) a Stones fan.
  • The folks behind nearby cow juice-friendly club night Milk debut their new monthly venture Laid this Wednesday and, in keeping with the bar's theme and their own dairy fetish, White Russians are on special offer, along with various other made-to-order milky concoctions. Clubs picks of the week
  • After September 11 everyone was talking about masculinity, mostly because any heterosexual woman who hadn't previously fetishized firemen now felt compelled to do so, if only out of gratitude.
  • But you may want to look into some long-term solution that doesn't revolve around an external fetish object such as a crystal or talisman.
  • (Piss and blood fetishes similarly leave me cold, though were you to ask me to urinate in your mouth or carve the word "cocksucker" in your chest with a razor blade, I would probably be happy to oblige.) Archive 2008-03-01
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