How To Use Fellini In A Sentence

  • The mafia infiltration and grubby money-laundering is a far cry from the hedonistic era portrayed in Fellini's 1960 classic, which starred the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni as a society reporter and gave the world the word 'paparazzo'. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • Fellini has said he liked the name because it made him think of a buzzing stinging insect, which matched the character he was trying to portray.
  • But Fellini's characters, who were middle-class and had lusty appetites, at least were hopeful on their way to despair.
  • A Jack-of-all trades under Mussolini - newspaper columnist, cartoonist, insurance salesman, typesetter, shop window designer, and gagman for the radio and the cabaret - Fellini came to the film world after the Allied liberation of Italy. RIA Novosti
  • At that time, we were doing Goddard and Fellini at film school and we weren't into Irvin Allen's disaster films.
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  • Two years earlier, Sophia had made her debut with a bit role in the Federico Fellini film, ‘Variety Lights’.
  • But to do it and to be the subject of the movie is a kind of ballsiness you want to call unique, although of course it's been done before, like with Fellini's Dane101
  • Fellini's tale of a middle-aged woman sloughing off her inhibitions is a caprice of a piece, a helter-skelter slide through the stages of abandon.
  • Piazza del Popolo is where Fellini used to get his espresso fix, at Bar Canova Piazza del Popolo, 16, a classic morning coffee and evening aperitivo hangout. Finding Fellini
  • The rumbustious humor, gleefully mixing sex, scatology and food, resembles Fellini at his most burlesque, while the hints of the surreal and the supernatural recall South American magic realism.
  • Both documentaries use the same footage from Fellini's La Dolce Vita to explain the origin of the term paparazzo (it's a character's name). Latest Features and Articles
  • It has terrific moments, especially early on, often anticipating Fellini in tone and setting, but it is a bit too jauntily whimsical for us now.
  • For more than 60 years, she brought intellect, sophistication and a lightness of touch to its key genres such as neorealism, while working with directors such as Federico Fellini, | Top Stories
  • Some of Fellini's situations seem impossibly grotesque, yet they have echoes in recent world events.
  • Not only that, Visconti needed a dark beauty while Fellini wanted me to be blonde.
  • The surreal corpulence of the boy is a distraction, and when we watch him steal the only pieces of meat from his uncomprehending blind stepsister's rice bowl we are reminded not of Chaplin but of Fellini.
  • Just as James Joyce made it impossible for all Irish writers to novelize Dublin, so definitive and magisterial was his Ulysses, so Fellini's Roma seems to have dazzled Italian filmmakers to the cinematic potential of their capital.
  • Whether this trope works organically to advance the plot or becomes an authorial albatross is beside the point; as in Kafka, whose sentences Krauss's bear an intentional stylistic resemblance to, or such neo-realistic films as Fellini's Nights of Cabiria, "Great House" builds more toward developing a theme than a plot. Janet Byrne: Nicole Krauss's 'Great House' Reviewed
  • The audience was composed of cineastes, intellectuals and young men and women eager to view an explicit excursion into the sexual realm by an esteemed woman film-maker who had worked with such masters as Fellini.
  • Tony towered over her, like he did while on the horse, like Fellini's women tower over him.
  • Having discussed the neo-realism of Fellini and Bertolucci, Pells moves straight on to analysing Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and other kitchen-sink classics of half a century ago. Modernist America by Richard Pells – review
  • Three clowns out of a Fellini film throw their nets over a group of Korean sailors who don't know what to make of so much occidental stupidity.
  • Fellini is known for combining realism and fantasy, often making up the story as he along.
  • Marxist critics savaged La Strada as an abandonment of neorealist principles, but as a director, Fellini was never really a neorealist to begin with.
  • The film reveals Fellini's genius.
  • Finally, it will be hard to resist Company XIV Pinocchio: A Fantasy Of Pleasures, a wildly improbable mix of baroque ballet, commedia dell'arte, street dance and Fellini-esque surrealism that re-invents the familiar fairytale. This week's new dance
  • Fellini collaborated with Rossellini on the script of the film.
  • A Serious Man" draw from their writer-directors 'personal histories, while "Nine" reimagines Fellini's semiautobiographically impressionistic "8 as a musical.
  • Their products 'free-flowing functionality reminds one of certain futuristic Fellini films or independent, avant garde productions set in an undated time and space. No Brand: The Zen of Living
  • Federico Fellini has cachet among modern cinéastes, and La Dolce Vita is among his most celebrated works.
  • If I could do things over again, I would go back and play a small part for Fellini or a walk-on for Bertolucci.
  • Hundreds of dancers took spectators on a glitzy trip through Italian history, with a nod to Botticelli, Fellini and Ferrari.
  • Federico Fellini – moviemaker who was doing bizarre films of ancient Greece and Rome, of love and of fools way before the more recent films (Amarcord, Satyricon, 8 1/2) Weird Tales’ 85 Weirdest « Colleen Anderson
  • In La Strada, Fellini and Rota also demonstrate the poetic power of film music.
  • In an age of too many minimalists, Orson Welles, Federico Fellini, and Ingmar Bergman were maximalists.

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