[ UK /fˈiːd/ ]
[ US /ˈfid/ ]
  1. provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to
    We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants
  2. introduce continuously
    feed carrots into a food processor
  3. profit from in an exploitatory manner
    He feeds on her insecurity
  4. give food to
    don't give the child this tough meat
    Feed the starving children in India
  5. move along, of liquids
    the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi
    Water flowed into the cave
  6. provide as food
    Feed the guests the nuts
  7. feed into; supply
    Her success feeds her vanity
  8. take in food; used of animals only
    What do whales eat?
    This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat
  9. serve as food for; be the food for
    This dish feeds six
  10. gratify
    feed one's eyes on a gorgeous view
  11. support or promote
    His admiration fed her vanity
  1. food for domestic livestock
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How To Use feed In A Sentence

  • A couple of weeks ago, while glassing four female Meneliks bushbuck two hundred yards away feeding in a tiny clearing during a pouring rain, a nice male stepped into view. Very Little Drops Dead
  • Lamaze classes aid in preparation; hypnosis, acupuncture, and biofeedback are also used.
  • This species is also closely associated with colonies of various seabirds and marine mammals; it feeds among birds and seals and has been considered a commensal of those colonial animals.
  • The fuel tanks are self-sealing, with a fuel crossfeed system that provides continuity of supply if one of the fuel circuits fails.
  • Bull calves from dairy herds are usually castrated, becoming steers, and sent to feedlots, where they are fattened for slaughter, usually before the age of 2.
  • If you have bought modern 'remontant' varieties that flower again, give them a good feed now to encourage them. Times, Sunday Times
  • In her new role she will help to develop the midwives' public health role, with increased support for breastfeeding and encouraging mothers-to-be to stop smoking.
  • The business of the dairy, like the feeding of hogs and poultry, is originally carried on as a save-all. XI. Book I. Of the Rent of Land
  • The wood pewee, like its relative, the phoebe, feeds largely on the family of flies to which the house fly belongs. Bird Day; How to prepare for it
  • In the Mhow area of India, where it is common practice to feed goats on the leaves of trees gathered in the forest, an experiment was conducted with uncastrated male goats aged about 14 months and weighing some 25 kg. Chapter 6
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