[ UK /fəmˈɪli‍əli/ ]
  1. in an intimately familiar manner
    Sid, as he was familiarly known by his friends, was one of the most respected and devoted members of the socialist minority group
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How To Use familiarly In A Sentence

  • We have no capias ad faciendum (abbreviated cap ad fac), nor have we the fieri facias, familiarly termed fi fa, but we have perhaps as good in the in meditatione fugæ warrant, familiarly abbreviated into fugie, as poor Peter Peebles termed it, when he burst in upon the party assembled at Justice Foxley's, exclaiming, "Is't here they sell the fugie warrants?" [ The Book-Hunter A New Edition, with a Memoir of the Author
  • Senes plerunque delirasse in senecta, that old men familiarly dote, ob atram bilem, for black choler, which is then superabundant in them: and Rhasis, that Arabian physician, in his Cont. lib. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • The juggler, a keen little Frenchman, plied his arts nimbly, and what with his ventriloquial doll, his empty bag full of eggs, his stones that were candies, and his candies that were stones, and his stuffed birds that sang, astonished and delighted his unsophisticated patrons, whose applauding murmurs were diversified by familiarly silly shrieks ” the true Siamese Did-you-ever! ” from behind the kincob curtains. The English Governess at the Siamese Court
  • The pilchards are now familiarly called "fair maids," from _fermade_, a corruption of _fumado_ (the Spanish word for _smoked_), as originally they were cured by smoking, a method, however, which has long been abandoned. Michael Penguyne Fisher Life on the Cornish Coast
  • He wondered if Sylvia would be surprised to hear that her neighbour, the fair Frenchman to whom she had been talking so familiarly, had "collared" her stakes and her winnings. The Chink in the Armour
  • Expertly he ran a soothing hand up the gelding's broad face and caressed one ear, tweaking it familiarly before running his hand down the horse's neck from the poll to the withers, then back up to the head again.
  • Certainly -- it is a yellowish, fatty substance concocted by human agency supposedly from the lacteous secretion of the graminivorous quadruped familiarly known as the common (or garden) cow. The Definite Object A Romance of New York
  • To him it was sheer romance to parade through town with a tin haversack of carbons for the arc-lights, familiarly lowering the high-hung mysterious lamps, while his plodding acquaintances "clerked" in stores on Saturdays, or tended furnaces. The Trail of the Hawk A Comedy of the Seriousness of Life
  • This machine is now well known, and is in use in every bleachworks, where it is familiarly known as the "whiz," and the operation is generally called whizzing. The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics A Practical Handbook for the Dyer and Student
  • He abandoned his work on alchemy, his most recent fascination, and applied his legendary power of concentration completely on the Principia (as it is most familiarly known) for nearly two years.
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