1. (used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored
    a fair complexion
  2. not excessive or extreme
    a fairish income
    reasonable prices
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How To Use fairish In A Sentence

  • After a bit, we mustered a varry nice pairty ov abaat a dozen, an 'as iverybody wor tawkin at once we managed to mak a fairish din. Yorksher Puddin' A Collection of the Most Popular Dialect Stories from the Pen of John Hartley
  • Another fragrant leaf from my diary, that was, and my only regret for Emperor Max was that he'd been a fairish cricketer for a novice, and might have made a half-decent batter, if he'd lived. ' Watershed
  • A nondescript sort of young man, all skin and bone, fairish, potato-faced—but what did it matter? Portobello
  • As to the discrepancies, Valerie Storie denied saying ‘light fairish hair’; she also denied ever saying that they had picked him up because they had not done so.
  • A dozen or so of men came in – fairish, with grey or hazel eyes – all friendly. High Albania
  • There was a fairish crowd of Indians doing what Indians usually do-squatting and loafing, scratching and gossiping in groups, some of the bucks painting, the women cooking at the fires, the kids scampering. Isabelle
  • I'm an MBA with a fairish background in the subject.
  • I don't care to be told that I resemble royalty; it wakes too many unpleasant memories, and in the case of Franz-Josef it was downright foolish, for while he cut a fairish figure, tall, dark and well-moustached and whiskered, he had no more style than a clothes-horse - and I ain't got a Hapsburg lip or the stare of a backward haddock. Watershed
  • But for the first time they've had a fair presidential election -- well, fairish. SNOWLINE
  • A fairish number of people have written or commented on this post to the effect that it's not true that the association is making money unfairly off the backs of young athletes; they get a very valuable education out of the thing.
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