How To Use Facial recognition In A Sentence

  • Never mind retinal scans, fingerprinting or facial recognition—we'll soon have our ears on a national database.
  • Development of new projects are: facial recognition systems, voice recognition systems and iris recognition systems.
  • The evaluation of facial recognition focuses on several testing parameters.
  • Facial recognition has the potential to be the next privacy flashpoint.
  • Passport Office officials will check that photos match the pictures on their database and can be read by facial recognition machines at airports. Times, Sunday Times
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  • A computer tethered to the bear for now, since e-bear is just a concept runs facial recognition software that can determine who you are, as well as your mood and actuate motors to move the bear's head, ears, mouth and eyelashes in an appropriate fashion. CES 2011: Fujitsu's teddy bear 'reads' your emotions (video)
  • Facial recognition may sound to many people like the topic of a B-rated sci-fi movie.
  • Follow p2pnet on Twitter.carandsuv. - Toshiba develops in-car facial recognition system, May, 2009 When your car stares back …
  • Scientists hope that the simple bee brain could be a model for automated facial recognition.
  • It also uses facial recognition systems to avert identity theft. Times, Sunday Times
  • Face Perception title fMRI Investigations of Human Extrastriate Cortex: People, Places, and Things description A basic lecture for the general public about visual perception and facial recognition, from the star-studded Columbia C250 Symposium. Archive 2008-12-01
  • The system will later be enhanced, possibly to include iris scans or facial recognition technology.
  • The facial recognition system needs pictures from at least five different angles, and given that the Metropolitan Police doesn't handle mugshots that way, you can see the problem.
  • The Home Office says all new passport photographs must be of an unsmiling face with its gob firmly shut because open mouths can confuse facial recognition systems.
  • The very latest technology involves ‘facial recognition’ - a system that can positively identify a suspect instantly simply from his or her face.
  • Try our facial recognition quiz and work out your brain age by identifying the famous faces. The Sun
  • According to Google executives, facial recognition is one of the key topics of internal debate.
  • Deep prosopagnosia (impaired facial recognition) could also be a reason for autoscopy.
  • Scientists hope that the simple bee brain could be a model for automated facial recognition.
  • Facebook's facial recognition technology works by generating a biometric signature for users who are tagged in photos on Facebook, i.e. using "summary data" from "photo comparisons.

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