How To Use F clef In A Sentence

  • Mild forms of cleft palate include submucosal clefts, pharyngeal incompetence and bifid uvula.
  • Another writer [38] gives a somewhat different explanation, stating that the staff system with the use of clefs came about through writing a letter (C or F) in the margin of the manuscript and drawing a line from this letter to the neume which was to represent the tone for which this particular letter stood. Music Notation and Terminology
  • Away went these upon their errand to the sea, and then came back the grating roar and plashy jerks of launching, the plunging, and the gurgling, and the quiet murmur of cleft waves. Mary Anerley
  • In the upper corner of a forest, a staff-appears with G or F clef and one note, and the options are CDEFG.
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