How To Use Eyelessness In A Sentence

  • Who are you?" is Vic's big question to Montoya -- and it may, as has been speculated, lead to Montoya assuming the mantle of the Question -- but it could be applied to almost every major character in the series, either because of their emotional/spiritual crises (Ralph, Black Adam, Renee, Booster) or because of some literal physical transformation (John Henry's steel skin, Adam Strange's eyelessness, Mr. Mind's reported evolution). Week 20: Language Is a Virus from Outer Space
  • He had lots of just-so stories ready to go, beginning with how Eden's snakes transformed their salivary glands into venomous fangs, and how roaches in Hawaiian caves evolved eyelessness in 8 months. Ideas from a creationist
  • We become connoisseurs of eyes and (with headless statuettes and veiled grotesque heads) of eyelessness. Bronzino's Medici portraits – review
  • And of course, Hitchcock loved a little blindness, eyelessness and many another narrative or visual coup based on visual impairment - in The Birds alone, think of all-pecked-up farmer Fawcett, the crushed spectacles, the game of blind man's buff. Film |
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