How To Use Eye movement In A Sentence

  • This argument of course relies on the questionable assumption that eye movements adequately describe the distribution of attention to a stimulus.
  • Rapid eye movements frequently accompany dreaming.
  • Some folk zonked out on the grass, performing their own rapid eye movement, but not many.
  • When a person is in the REM phase, there is a noticeable twitching movement of the eyes under closed lids (hence the term rapid eye movement), and the voluntary muscles of the body are usually paralysed. New Blogs and RSS Feeds
  • In fact, the presence of slow eye movements is considered to be an extremely accurate indicator of hypnagogic mentation.
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  • To further reduce eye movement, patients lie in bed, quiet, for up to a week.
  • Potentially serious neurologic disease should be suspected in patients with focal neurologic signs, severe ataxia, nystagmus changing direction, vertical nystagmus and abnormal eye movement.
  • If the vestibular is unable to function properly by obstruction, injury, or infection, it can cause a nasty condition called labyrinthitis, which confuses and disorients the entire body during daily function and can cause side effects such as hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, uncontrolled rapid eye movement, and panic attacks secondary to chronic anxiety. PopMatters
  • The researchers note that their study only measured eye movement, and did not directly gauge a driver's concentration or attention.
  • Failure of adaptation of nystagmic eye movements to occur under certain conditions of stimulation by angular acceleration has been ascribed to a failure to allow the eye-movement response to run its course.
  • Geoff hooked a needle through the rectus, the gossamer-thin muscle that controls eye movement, then immobilized it with a suture.
  • If rapid eye movements accompany dreaming, does it mean that our eyes are following the action of the dreams?
  • Previous studies have shown that the right hemisphere is responsible for the eye movements in REM sleep, which are saccadic scans of targets in the dream scene.
  • Since you can't find food in the dark -- in fact, it's more likely you'd become food -- melatonin acts as a rheostat that lowers body temperature during NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) sleep in order to slow metabolic processes and stave off hunger. T.S. Wiley: Can Sleep Loss Destroy Your Immune System?
  • A second experiment showed that both horizontal and vertical eye movements reduced the vividness and emotionality of the students' memories.
  • Tremor can be found in multiple sclerosis often with slurred speech and jerky eye movements, called nystagmus.
  • This seems to undermine the "investigatory-reflex" account for why EMDR works: the idea that eye movements activate an innate investigatory reflex that inhibits fear and provokes relaxation.
  • The eye movements (electro-oculograms [EOGs]) were monitored by electrodes placed superorbitally and over the outer canthus of the left eye.
  • In two studies in which readers' eye movements were recorded, we examined the processing of pronouns bound by universal quantifiers.
  • But peripheral vision, when it becomes salient, tends to automatically cause eye movement leading to foveal vision of the salient stimulus, rather than to introspective awareness of the distinctive qualities and deficiencies of peripheral vision, of which many of us remain unaware. Pleasure
  • Rapid eye movement is at all times detected, and occasionally the patient will moan, even scream during his rest.
  • Sleep sex or sexsomnia is a form of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) similar to sleepwalking that causes people to commit sexual acts while they are asleep.
  • In two studies in which readers' eye movements were recorded, we examined the processing of pronouns bound by universal quantifiers.
  • Rapid eye movement sleep is characterized by a highly erratic breathing pattern and could not be simulated with current technology.
  • In fact, the time needed is the sum of the integration of the eye movement and accommodation.
  • Rapid eye movements frequently accompany dreaming.
  • Smooth pursuit eye movements are used to follow a moving target that one is looking at directly.
  • Recently restored by business man Suresh -- a Ben Kingsley lookalike -- and his wife, a descendant of the maharajah, the Chittoor Palace is run as an exclusive guesthouse for the likes of honeymooners, who can stay in the sumptuous rooms of the royals and enjoy the idyllic surroundings and traditional entertainment such as Kathakali, a dance-drama form where every action, even the tiniest eye movement, has significance. - Frontpage RSS Feed
  • The eyes are sensitive to light too, and there are often visual problems as well as involuntary eye movements. The Sun
  • And media consultants can track the eye movements of people who are watching TV commercials.
  • Early eye exams are also important because children need the following basic visual skills for learning: near vision, distance vision, eye teaming (binocularity) skills, eye movement skills, focusing skills, peripheral awareness, eye/hand coordination. EzineArticles
  • Trials with excessive eye movements, blinks, or blockage were rejected.
  • They realised players focus on the keeper after making them wear specs that monitor eye movements. The Sun
  • I want something that tracks my eye movement on screen, and a key combination which will jump the cursor to where I am looking.
  • He added: 'With withdrawal you get a rebound effect where the individual suffers more rapid eye movement and more dreaming. The Sun
  • In two studies in which readers' eye movements were recorded, we examined the processing of pronouns bound by universal quantifiers.
  • REM sleep occurs cyclically every 90 minutes during the night in association with high brain activity, rapid spontaneous eye movements and suppressed voluntary motor activity.
  • In the early 19th century Flourens had already proved by experiment that by stimulating the semi-circular canals of the inner ear certain rhythmical eye movements (called nystagmus) could be caused and Purkinje showed that in human beings vertigo was induced by rotation. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1914 - Presentation
  • identification by retinal scanning is complicated by eye movements
  • Consistent with previous studies, the current study found that in a conjunctive search task, response time and patterns of eye movements were strongly influenced by the ratio between two types of distractors.
  • The horizontal electrooculogram (HEOG), recorded as the difference in activity between electrodes placed lateral to the external canthi, was used to measure horizontal eye movements. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • If the feet seem to be following the eye movement involuntarily then correction is needed. Muscle Management
  • Functional nystagmic eye movements are compensatory responses meant to stabilize the gaze during head movement.
  • The electroencephalogram, eye movements, and muscle tone are monitored.
  • Rapid eye movements frequently accompany dreaming.
  • Some autistics may be unable to make normal eye movements when looking at other people.
  • Rapid eye movements frequently accompany dreaming.
  • The absence of pigment in the human sclera (the whites of the eyes) highlights the iris and thereby enhances the interpretation of eye movements.
  • The Tullio phenomenon represents vestibular symptoms and/or eye movements evoked by a sound stimulus.
  • Physiologically, it is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is known as REM atonia. - Articles related to Sleep debt
  • The eye movement triggers face recognition software and avoids having to key in a number. The Sun
  • Identification by retinal scanning is complicated by eye movements.
  • We analysed eye movements and neuronal firing in the abducens nucleus.
  • Shot from behind and from the side, Auteuil gives a steely performance, registering the turmoil of this deeply false character in tiny eye movements and through herky-jerky body language.
  • He had complete ptosis, limitation of eye movements in all directions, and nystagmus on lateral gaze.
  • Blinks and saccadic eye movements (associated with reading, while the participant was awake) could easily be distinguished from the horizontal slow eye movements that appeared in Stage 1 sleep.
  • The drinker will be heading towards an alcoholic stupor, possibly experiencing jerking eye movements.
  • Take away the ability to move control eye movements, and the person who's locked-in becomes defined as persistent vegetative.
  • Although medial and lateral gaze palsies are typical, patients usually retain upper eyelid control and vertical eye movement because of sparing of the mid-brain tectum, which allows communication.
  • Cranial nerve involvement may affect airway maintenance, facial muscles, eye movements, and swallowing.
  • And so complete was the bodily shut-down, with rapid eye movement and convulsive twitching, that a fierce pinch of the skin or a prick with a needle did nothing to wake her.
  • The patient is instructed not to move his eyes to look directly at the phosphene patterns that are generated during mapping, as eye movement will skew the results, making it necessary to repeat the stimulation sequence. Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  • We can tell whether a consumer likes a pair of shoes by tracking their eye movement.
  • The context in the eye movement study was unusual in that only verbal communication was possible.
  • Eye movement revealed limitation of superior rectus, lateral rectus, and inferior oblique muscles of left eye.
  • The eyes are sensitive to light too, and there are often visual problems as well as involuntary eye movements. The Sun
  • Hatpin Urchin, by Kitaoka, dramatically demonstrates the importance of eye movements in the perception of this kinetic illusion.
  • All the year round confrontation, can make an eye movement sensitivity, to cataract and pannus, and correction of myopia, hyperopia.
  • Horizontal eye movements were recorded binocularly with the EyeLink II device. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

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