[ US /ˌɛkstɹəˈkeɪʃən/ ]
[ UK /ɛkstɹɪkˈe‍ɪʃən/ ]
  1. the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition
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How To Use extrication In A Sentence

  • With all their knowledge and wisdom, they can see no possible way of painless extrication from the debt predicament.
  • Extrication required amputation — Mr. Ralston 's left-handed severing of his right forearm, which was pinned between a chalkstone boulder and the canyon wall. Dark
  • Arab-Israeli peace will not stabilize Afghanistan or facilitate an extrication of U.S. forces from there. Five myths about Middle East peace
  • It was a very awkward extrication and it was a miracle the driver was not crushed.
  • They all quickly cut to my awkward extrication from this clown car, but I could have cared less. Welcome to My World
  • He has now painted himself into a corner from which extrication will be most difficult.
  • The rest were concerned with flooded basements, stuck elevators, rescue calls, and "extrication" - i.e., getting cats out of trees. I'm A Stranger Here Myself
  • She languished to throw herself into the arms of her father, to unbosom to him all her errors and distresses, and owe their extrication to his wisdom and kindness. Camilla
  • In his incomparable recollection of the American "extrication" from Vietnam his word former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger writes that the promise of "Vietnamization" served to confirm Hanoi "in its course of waiting us out. Petraeus and Obama's Uncertain Trumpet
  • This institute shall act as a repository for all modern extrication and medical relief techniques to ensure quicker rescue and provide prompt medical relief, comparable to international standards.
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