How To Use Extremeness In A Sentence

  • I think though that another contributing factor beyond general extremeness is growth rate. Why is the internet so extreme? or No, your language is not dead. : #comments
  • personally, I always thought the "extremeness" of these makeovers was ridiculous in the first place Stories / Popular
  • '00 "extremeness" and you have yourself one of the top three albums of 2008. MetalSucks
  • It's that extremeness that pushes things forward. Alexander McQueen at the Met
  • Their very extremeness is often, indeed, state-dependent with regard to other psychiatric illness and general stress level.
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  • The unadulterated ecstasy of before is hardly a memory, and the extremeness of his mood swings is now a dullness that consumes him in unchanging monotony.
  • The exponent z represented the slope of the curve—that is, the extremeness of the correlation between species number and island size within each group of islands. The Song of The Dodo
  • Thus was highway privatization stripped of its extremeness. Thomas Frank: Toll Roads Are Paved With Bad Intentions
  • Though the study just described did not involve political or moral issues, the results show that one-sidedness, and consequently extremeness, can be heightened when people are communicating over the Internet.
  • It was an extreme act of art that became foundational — inaugurating a shift in style from American abstract painting and Pop to post-Minimalism, conceptual and performance art — without ever losing its extremeness. Summary of '69
  • Said extremeness is generally coming in the form of dumbness. Reconsidering Project Runway
  • There is a extremeness, the firm contract with a few little profit projects because of competition, in order to exist, they gain income by venturing to execute quota system.
  • Joe Jackson disciplined his boys, "The Jackson Five", with extremeness, which contributed to Michael's greatness. Hermene Hartman: Michael Jackson Should Be on Trial for his Death
  • Despite the extremeness of its interpretation and the uniqueness of its style, Klossowski's book is readily meaningful to academics because it proceeds in the established way.
  • The uniqueness of this religious community lies especially in its radical and stringent religious demands, mainly manifested in the extremeness of Torah studies within the hierarchy of values and practices.

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