[ US /ɛkˈstɹimɫi/ ]
[ UK /ɛkstɹˈiːmli/ ]
  1. to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect
    He spoke highly of her
    extremely interesting
    does not think highly of his writing
    highly successful
  2. to an extreme degree
    the night was deathly cold
    extremely unpleasant
    she is super smart
    as a child, I was deathly afraid of snakes
    extremely cold
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How To Use extremely In A Sentence

  • Unless the radar signal is normal to some surface (extremely low probability) the radar receives no return.
  • I play the piano, so it is natural for me to think ‘harmonically’ a lot of the time (one can hear harmonies instantly on a piano; also mainstream jazz is extremely harmony driven).
  • The film print is extremely clean with only a little bit of grain.
  • There were only a few rapids and they were extremely tame.
  • The security police quickly squelched an extremely rare public demonstration demanding political reform on Monday, the 41st anniversary of the Baath Party's seizure of power here.
  • Goal conflicts make this socio-economic leap extremely difficult for any individual to absorb.
  • He added: 'I consider them insidious and extremely dangerous. Times, Sunday Times
  • Suppose you were driving your car on a rainy night, or an extremely hot night. Christianity Today
  • Cayenne pepper, which easily loses its red colour, was tinted with cinnabar, an extremely poisonous mercury compound.
  • Pediatricians are once again extremely busy this winter as patients with asthma symptoms - the most common disease among children - are crowding into respiratory clinics.
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