How To Use Extraordinaire In A Sentence

  • Saturday night and country roads led us to Washington County's Food Farm, where event planner extraordinaire Bob Sendall hosted a haute hoedown that attracted 200 city slickers to the rural retreat.
  • Utah Phillips, a former NPR host who was blacklisted in the state of Utah after an unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate in 1968 on the Peace and Freedom party ticket can be described as a raconteur extraordinaire, a radical historian well-versed in the sorrowful details of the bloodiest social justice struggles of the last century, a hobo, and one hell of a musician whose songs can break your heart and bring your blood to a boil. Mutual aid for Utah Phillips: a benefit show in Minneapolis, December 15 at 6:00 PM
  • L'évaluation commune distingue un double élément dans l'objet: sa valeur ordinaire à laquelle répond le juste prix, et cette valeur extraordinaire qui appartient au vendeur, dont il se prive et qui mérite une compensation: il le fait pour ainsi dire l'objet d'un second contrat qui se superpose au premier. An Essay on Mediaeval Economic Teaching
  • And let's not forget party-giver and party-goer extraordinaire. Times, Sunday Times
  • Jack Horkheimer, stargazer extraordinaire, will pay us a call to preview tonight's big show in the sky and share some loony facts about lunar events.
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  • David Brandom offered a beautifully airy soprano saxophone solo and trumpeter extraordinaire Marvin Stamm offered an impeccably flawless solo of his own on flugelhorn. Ralph A. Miriello: Opening Night for the Westchester Jazz Orchestra With Special Guest Joe Lovano
  • No, not our leading Iraq liar and schemer, congressional inquiry obstructor, "energy policy" conspirator, no-bid-contract "coordinator," and duck-hunter extraordinaire -- not Cheney, of course, but Al Gore. Jack Huberman: Who's Screwing America -- Battle of the 100 Lists
  • This one in particular - courtesy commenter extraordinaire Upstate Underdog - will make you dance AND get you horny, which is one of my favorite states of consciousness. Kissing Suzy Kolber
  • Mr Chance, of Nunthorpe, Cleveland, is a charity worker extraordinaire whose good deeds are mostly connected with mental handicap.
  • Freddy "Huevito" Lobatón is a zapateo shoe-dancer extraordinaire. NPR Topics: News
  • The thought that she was ignoring him was not one that he was used to; after all he was John Darro, famous reporter and charmer extraordinaire.
  • By repute a procrastinator extraordinaire, the Irishman insists he remains on the trail of the same transfer targets he earmarked at the beginning of the summer.
  • Sasha and Sanchez: Magic act extraordinaire - Show stopper is when Sasha pulls 22 pairs of underwear from Sanchez's pants. or Archive 2007-07-01
  • The animator extraordinaire brings his trademarked weirdness to feature-length once more with this new release.
  • - Roy superfrenchie: Go check the latest comments in French-basher extraordinaire Bremmer's last post to see how much ...
  • Rob Anderscal - This "rascal" - as the name implies - is a trouble-maker extraordinaire. latest blog entries
  • Brilliant footballer, goalscorer extraordinaire and family man who gives the nightclubs a swerve. The Sun
  • I thought Kevin Pringle was the spin doctor extraordinaire? Mahatma Macaskill
  • Vous pourrez y savourer de délicieux plats gastronomiques qui raviront les gourmets les plus exigeants, accompagnés dune extraordinaire carte des vins. - Business News
  • Ronn McFarlane, lutenist extraordinaire, joins Bach Sinfonia for Vivaldi and his own work by Joan Reinthaler In performance: Bach Sinfonia
  • What makes France such an endearing and infuriating country at the same time? superfrenchie: Go check the latest comments in French-basher extraordinaire Bremmer's last post to see how much ...
  • When a writer resorts to the likes of “sleazebag and Islamo-panderer extraordinaire,” I do tend to lose interest. The Volokh Conspiracy » Racism and The Tea Partiers
  • Backlit plants create mood and atmosphere, a trick used in full, tremendous force by architect extraordinaire Luis Barragan.
  • The film's genuine oddness derives mostly from the presence and performance of Glover, eccentric actor extraordinaire.
  • It's difficult to know how to describe him, but image-maker extraordinaire is as good a description as any.
  • Cesar Millan has rehabilitated hundreds of problem pooches over the years, but tonight's episode marks a first for the canine-counselor extraordinaire, who finds out whether his techniques will hold up in the wild when he works with three dogs that have been crossbred with wolves. Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Oct. 29, 2010
  • Empire builders supreme, capitalists extraordinaire, imperialists par excellence, these are the criteria by which they govern.
  • A writer/actor/producer/editor/composer/cinematographer/director and multitasker extraordinaire, he makes films all by himself - and not simply because he wants to.
  • Shorter shrieky, mouthbreather extraordinaire SUZANNE: Gay Marriage = Polygamy! I told you soooooooooooooo.
  • Before his Patagonia days traveler extraordinaire Bruce Chatwin studied archeology at the university here, which counts among its rectors the best Scrooge in the movies, hambone extraordinaire Alastair Sim. Barry Yourgrau: A Remembrance In Edinburgh
  • In future blogs, I'll be addressing a number of centripetal forces -- ways that families maintain themselves and their members under the circumstances of modern life, and not to worry, my answers may not be what you'd expect from an old professor of psychology, grandfather of 8, ritualist extraordinaire. Marshall P. Duke: Prime Time for Families
  • … the Amazing Larri, ‘a prestidigitator, an escapist extraordinaire, and the greatest living exposeur.’
  • But for me, good old reliable David, door opener extraordinaire, will always be the invisible man and the person I like to call my role model.
  • When it's too hot or too rainy even to visit the park with the kids, a stash of arts and crafts supplies and a few treats extraordinaire may very well save your sanity.
  • a self-starter extraordinaire
  • Resident hunk and winker extraordinaire Zac Efron took the reigns, stating This is the final year at East High for the Wildcats, so we're kind of deciding for ourselves what we should do with our futures. ‘High School Musical 3’ Cast Gear Up For Their Senior Year » MTV Movies Blog
  • A surefire sign that the circus is almost over: they send in the clowns, and McConnell is a clown extraordinaire. McConnell: Reid bill 'the wrong direction to go' on reform
  • Liverpudlian battle rhymer extraordinaire OShea (above) could be the most unlikely star-in-waiting in pop history. OShea's got the rhymes that bite
  • There was no way that she, Kim, mademoiselle extraordinaire, would do such a thing.
  • a woodworker extraordinaire
  • A speech writer is a wordsmith extraordinaire and will work each word and phrase to maximum advantage.
  • Creators | Time. com's Lev Grossman chats with annotator extraordinaire Jess Nevins. Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment
  • Reyna Johnson, nice girl extraordinaire, had accepted his offer to take her to homecoming.
  • Its compelling first page draws you in to the strange world of Wilbur McCrum, dispossessed anti-hero extraordinaire and his outrageous adventures through cowboy country, meeting with tarts, religious swindlers, bank robbers, bounty hunters and freak shows, grappling with the problem of his great love, Ida May, who is dead and embalmed but being carted around by Wilbur. Readers recommend their favourite books of 2010
  • After chatting with the vet, I went home and cleaned like a madwoman in anticipation of Julie, best friend extraordinaire's, arrival.
  • Un Dimanche qu'il falust rester a une petite Ville nomée Harford ou pres de la il y a la maison de Campagne du Comte d'Essex fort antique que ie fus curieux de voir et jy fus venu civilement. dans ce Palais magnifique i'observay dans un grand dome des peintures grandes et extraordinaires dans le Cabinet du Comte quantitéz de pieces rares et antiquitéz tres Curieuses; et dans une grande Sale ie crus voir sur une table de marbre un lutt des fluttes et autres instruments, avec des livres deployéz de musique, item un jeu de carts deployé, une bourse de jettons plusieurs pieces d'argent et plusieurs autres gentillesses tres bien faittes et quand ie viens plus pres de la table ie fus bien surpris de voir la ouvrage d'un Second Appelles, que ces pieces que ie croyois effective n'estoient que contrefaittes en peinture ce qui fust ou me Sembloit le plus curieux est que la Superficie de Cette table de marbre estoit si bien polie qu'on auroit cru que c'estoit des peintures dessous un verre ou une glace, et on y pouvoit verser de leau Sans gaster la table ny la peinture, assurement il faloit que cela fust peint d'un vernis merveilleux. Christoph von Graffenried's Account of the Founding of New Bern. Edited with an Historical Introduction and an English Translation by Vincent H. Todd, Ph.D. University of Illinois in Cooperation with Julius Goebel, Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Languag
  • Yuson, passive-aggressive beerhouse rhetorician extraordinaire, blasted the selection of Lumbera as National Artist over his bet, Cirilo F. Archive 2009-08-01
  • When ICO shareholder and spectrum speculator extraordinaire Craig McCaw decided to take cash rather than a larger position in ICO last week, as decisions related to the bankruptcy filing were being made, analyst Tim Farrar noted that that the value of the ATC spectrum had diminished. The Ominous Return of the Satellite Phone
  • James Franco, actor and dabbler extraordinaire, will appear with "My Own Private River," a fan's tribute to actor River Phoenix that repurposes footage shot for and during Gus Van Sant's 1991 film "My Own Private Idaho. A Wide World of Voices
  • Selecting the right thank-you gift for the party-giver extraordinaire needn't be intimidating.
  • Ralph Towner, guitarist extraordinaire, an ECM artist since 1972, is joined by Italian trumpet star Paolo Fresu, making his label debut for ECM. VeryCD - 电驴资源订阅
  • Jack Vance is the master of the 'Dying Earth' genre of SF and now Subterranean Press, in conjunction with editor extraordinaire Gardner Dozois, is producing Songs of the Dying Earth, an anthology in honor of Jack Vance. February 2009
  • When it's too hot or too rainy even to visit the park with the kids, a stash of arts and crafts supplies and a few treats extraordinaire may very well save your sanity.
  • With this all-star season featuring returning favorites like season one's Austin Scarlett, and season four's draper extraordinaire Rami Kashou, it makes you yearn for a simpler time when reality TV didn't have to try quite so hard to be entertaining. Lelia Nebeker: The Catch-22 of All-Star Seasons
  • Since comedienne extraordinaire Joan Rivers drifted back to the United States, Edinburgh has been a much less entertaining place.
  • (Our = my co-host Dan Snierson and our producer/editor extraordinaire, the czar of the subtitle zinger, Jason Averett.) Today's Latest Headlines
  • Huevito sits on a cajón (box drum), plays the jawbone of an ass (quijada ) and is a zapateo shoe-dancer extraordinaire (as shown at Litchfield in the photo by Fran Kaufman). NPR Topics: News
  • Julia Child, an American and chef extraordinaire, has died at the age of 91.

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