external ear

  1. the part of the ear visible externally
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How To Use external ear In A Sentence

  • The true origin of the glandular neoplasms of the external ear canal is controversial.
  • Elastic cartilage is found in the external ear, auditory tube, epiglottis, and corniculate and cuneiform cartilages of the larynx.
  • External ear reconstruction is one of the most challenging technologies.
  • The projection of skin - covered cartilage in front of the meatus of the external ear.
  • Megabats have relatively simple external ears; microbats often have large and relatively complex pinnae, including an enlarged tragus or antitragus.
  • Objective and Methods: Ultrasonographic study of the external ear in 206 fetuses of 20~40 week gestational ages.
  • Objective and Methods: Ultrasonographic study external ear in 206 fetuses of 20 - 40 week gestational ages.
  • Agamines are a really interesting group in terms of adaptation: we have scansorial, arenicolous and saxicolous species, the evolution of viviparity, and morphological transitions such as external ear loss. Harduns and toad-heads; a tale of arenicoly and over-looked convergence
  • The external ear is also called the auricula or pinna. The Anatomy of the Ear
  • The peripheral system includes the external ear (auricle and ear canal), the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, the middle ear (three small and connected bones: malleus, incus, and stapes), the oval window boundary, and the inner ear (vestibular system and cochlea). You Raising Your Child
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