How To Use Extendible In A Sentence

  • Although this particular result may be due to the limited sampling of avian taxa, the presence of a deinonychosaurian key feature (a hyperextendible second toe) and the absence of two avian key features a triradiate palatine (3) and a fully reversed first toe in Archaeopteryx challenges the monophyly of Aves as currently recognized. New Archaeopteryx fossil provides further insight into bird, dinosaur evolution - The Panda's Thumb
  • Does it follow, as we would want determinism to guarantee, that Ψ is extendible to an isometry from Time Machines
  • (M*, g*ab) violates the condition that determinism was supposed to guarantee as Ψ is not extendible to an isometry from D+ (Σ) onto Time Machines
  • Features include a hydraulic extendible eight-foot stroke, a floating hopper, a self-propelled hydraulic lift, and flotation tires for easy maneuvering on rough terrain.
  • A maximal spacetime is singular if and only if it contains an inextendible path of finite generalized affine length. Singularities and Black Holes
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  • She recalled the close-up of the beast's head as it slowly parted several sets of extendible jaws, dripping with saliva and slime. THE ANCIENT FUTURE: THE DARK AGE

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