How To Use Exquisiteness In A Sentence

  • English sixteenth centuries, and the alembicated exquisiteness of Catullus and Carew; he does not dislike Webster because he is not Dryden, or Young because he is not Spenser; he does not quarrel with Sophocles because he is not Æschylus, or with Hugo because he is not Heine. A History of Elizabethan Literature
  • It was his way to pretend that we knew far more than we did; so with perfect courtesy and gravity, he would ask our opinion on some matter of which we knew next to nothing; and we knew it was only his exquisiteness of good manners that impelled the habit; and we knew he knew the laughableness of it; yet we adored him for it. Plum Pudding Of Divers Ingredients, Discreetly Blended & Seasoned
  • Then your soul writhed in derision, you scoffed at that which you had held to be the nobility of the soul, and you minced words satirically over the exquisiteness of the type which we have evolved. The Kempton-Wace Letters
  • But I do agree with you about the exquisiteness of some operatic arias.
  • For even in her white terai and belted suit of white linen she was a vision appropriate only to the far-off world that this man had left behind him at the call of duty -- a world of delicate living and subtle sensations, of frail flesh in luxurious settings, of sophistication that would have shrunk from every crudity, and exquisiteness that would have shriveled at the touch of hardship. Sacrifice
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  • Power chose a representative sample of artworks that not only illustrates certain points in the text, but also exemplifies the exquisiteness of southeastern Indian art throughout prehistory.
  • A Poiret coat from 1919 demonstrates the exquisiteness of many of his designs, incorporating black silk and wool weave with white kid cutwork applique and white broadtail trim.
  • Metro, the world's top cash and carry business corporation was the platinum food sponsor of the dinner party, provided a feast with exquisiteness deliciousness of the highest quality for the guests.
  • He spoke, too, of the quality of food at his university, the exquisiteness of the Institute, which has a small library, but choice - and can call upon the Firestone to fulfill all of the scholars’ more obscure academical desires.
  • Beauty, exquisiteness, serenity; but not without austerity carried to a distinct bitingness. Laurus Nobilis Chapters on Art and Life

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