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[ US /ɛksˈpɹoʊpɹiˌeɪt/ ]
[ UK /ɛkspɹˈɒpɹɪət/ ]
  1. deprive of possessions
    The Communist government expropriated the landowners
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How To Use expropriate In A Sentence

  • The state or a competent body or organ authorised by law may expropriate property in the public interest subject to the payment of just compensation.
  • Drug companies are sitting ducks for governments to expropriate their property.
  • In regard to agriculture, it reserved to itself the authority to expropriate any farm that did not produce foodstuffs to its satisfaction.
  • They can expropriate property through taxes or the right of immanent domain (breaking the Seventh Commandment).
  • Commoners, squatters, and others who had lived on the land but without a specific landholding were expropriated at enclosure, and few seem to have been able to make a living thereafter.
  • The economic foundations of the Confederacy were overthrown and property in slaves valued at $4 billion was expropriated.
  • Once the board was established, its enormous powers to expropriate property and enter the real-estate market provided a new momentum to urban segregation.
  • The union last month said it planned to forcefully occupy the farm outside to protest the government's failure to implement a decision to expropriate land owners.
  • Faced with persistent food shortages, the government of Venezuela last week warned it could "expropriate" any food company necessary to ensure the nation's "food security and sovereignty. The Unsavory Cost of Capping Food Prices
  • By that time a number of landlords were only too glad to sell up and be expropriated.
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