1. a person who explains
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How To Use expounder In A Sentence

  • Why, man, I should have been an expounder of the word, with a wig like a snow-wreath, and a stipend like — like — like a hundred pounds a year, I suppose. Redgauntlet
  • Environmental illuminati author and organizer of the 350 Movement Bill McKibben arrived as guest of honor; also present were local top minds Dr. Albert Bartlett of Manhattan Project fame and noted expounder on peak oil and population growth, and Dr. Kevin Trenberth of the National Center of Atmospheric Research, who won the Nobel Peace Prize with his colleagues for their work on two IPCC assessment reports. Anne Butterfield: Today's Know Nothing Movement, Seen from Boulder
  • Playfair earned for himself a high reputation in at least three branches of pure science, not primarily as a discoverer but rather as an expounder of theories.
  • Its expounders view the market-led development strategy as a means of achieving prosperity.
  • My sable friend, thou art an expounder of mysteries, saith the illustrious Soldan — now would I give thee thine own weight in gold, if, by raising one still blacker than thyself or by what other means thou wilt, thou couldst show me the thief who did mine honour that wrong. The Talisman
  • But the protection which the Paduan Doctor received from some friends of interest and consequence, enabled him to set these imputations at defiance, and to assume, even in the city of Edinburgh, famed as it was for abhorrence of witches and necromancers, the dangerous character of an expounder of futurity. My Aunt Margaret's Mirror
  • Ah to begin with, me, as the expounder of this teaching, I must tune my own motivation.
  • “The eagle,” said the expounder of dark sayings, “is the cognizance of our noble lord the Archduke — of his royal Grace, I would say — and the eagle flies the highest and nearest to the sun of all the feathered creation.” The Talisman
  • 'A learned man, a moollah [23] or head-teacher and expounder of the Observations on the Mussulmauns of India Descriptive of Their Manners, Customs, Habits and Religious Opinions Made During a Twelve Years' Residence in Their Immediate Society
  • O'Gorman was one of the principal expounders of functionalist architecture in Mexico.
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