[ UK /ɛkspˌɛɹɪmˈɛntə‍li/ ]
[ US /ɪkˌspɛɹəˈmɛntəɫi/ ]
  1. in an experimental fashion
    this can be experimentally determined
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How To Use experimentally In A Sentence

  • Most teleost fishes possess a complex set of intrinsic caudal fin muscles that have only rarely been studied experimentally.
  • The equipment became a crucial part of the experiment, for its data experimentally verified the predictions.
  • The changes in the enzymatic activity of glycolytic enzymes when they form complexes were shown experimentally.
  • The application of the homogenizer A78 in the tread compound of industrial tire was experimentally investigated.
  • Singh also observed that with the exception of Colarado tick fever and Ganjam viruses, those arboviruses that are naturally transmitted by mosquitoes or infect mosquitoes experimentally, multiplied in one or both of his cell lines.
  • I am experimentally and numerically studying the stress distribution undernath the padfoot roller at the first stage, I need to have a constitutive model for soil with both dilatancy and hardening behaviors. iMechanica - Comments
  • Lebailly and I then went on to demonstrate that inapparent primary infection typhus, which is exceptional in inoculated guinea pigs, is the only form which the disease takes experimentally in the rat and the mouse. Charles Nicolle - Nobel Lecture
  • It is experimentally shown that the high-Q-factor (100000) modes can be kept for a long period in a general laboratory circumstance.
  • Wasn't the point the SUGGESTION that women should "experimentally" try having sex although they may not be torn up with desire at the time?. .to see if the results were satisfactory. newmatilda.com - Comments
  • The quantitative character of the interaction between opposed inhibition and excitation is experimentally demonstrable. Sir Charles Sherrington - Nobel Lecture
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