How To Use Expelling In A Sentence

  • Israel intends to isolate Gaza, cantonize the West Bank, seize Palestinian land, expand its illegal settlements, and appropriate "the whole of Jerusalem" as its capital by grabbing all areas Palestinians have and expelling them. Obama v. Richard Falk on Israel and Occupied Palestine
  • Thanks to spoons and a spittoon, Mike is soon tasting away, sloshing the liquid in his mouth, expelling it and talking everything up.
  • Academic institutions are increasingly nervous about ‘exemplary’ punishments - expelling or rusticating discovered cheaters.
  • A type of cleanse you should avoid is a cleanse diet, also known as detoxifying or detox diets, which involve not just cutting back on food but expelling stuff from your system with an aim to rid your body of impurities. Michelle Obama's 'cleanse': Would it work for you?
  • On top of hissing electronic flutters, one reedist begins by expelling delicate breaths until they gather into chalumeau register tones, while the other quacks and flutter tongues.
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  • Christ is there, who, as he shows himself jealous for the honour of his temple, in expelling those who profane it, so he shows himself gracious to those who humbly seek him. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)
  • Indochinese refugees, known throughout the world as the “boat people,” were subject to horrific suffering and dangers when the Vietnamese government began expelling them after the fall of Saigon. The Good Fight
  • We could not breathe, either, for our lungs were much too busy expelling laughter from our bodies.
  • They then all asked if the news had yet come when they were to begin expelling the Giaours. High Albania
  • The anal stage (which Freud says has a lot to do with toilet training) is associated with expelling things, with learning boundaries between inside and outside, and with aggression and anger.
  • After expelling Adam and Eve from Paradise, God left a cherubim with a flashing sword to guard the Tree of Life.
  • He governed Sardinia, expelling usurers and restricting the demands made on the Sardinians for the upkeep of himself and his staff.
  • A favourite tactic is to slowly move up and down the platform quietly expelling air.
  • Straightening, she took a deep breath before expelling it sharply.
  • The immune system does this work, targeting and breaking down outworn or foreign materials and expelling them from the body.
  • He leaned back against the wall, and closed his eyes, expelling a long, low breath. EVERVILLE
  • The chair's legs squeaked against the floor as she pushed it away and coughed, her body expelling the pill across to the far side of the table.
  • Had they succeeded in expelling the British power from South Africa, they would have had to deal with another power on the sea. Conditions in South Africa
  • Meanwhile Somerset had failed in expelling Macomo, and Kreili and Fakoo seemed on the brink of openly throwing in their lot with Sandilli. The Autobiography of Liuetenant-General Sir Harry Smith, Baronet of Aliwal on the Sutlej, G. C. B.
  • Her body is expelling all the rubbish. The Sun
  • Aside from the mass murder and cannibalism and stuff, Idi Amin is best known for expelling Uganda's 80,000-member Indian community during the mid-1970s. Daimnation!: All is forgiven
  • A thrust compressing the abdomen just below the diaphragm forces air up from the lungs through the throat - expelling a foreign body from the choking victim.
  • A sponge filters out microscopic food by drawing water through tiny spores in its body wall and then expelling it through its top opening.
  • Reviewing my list of ickisms - yuck, yecch, bleah, ew and ick - the linguist observes, ‘Negative words having to do with disgust seem to be embodied in the experience of expelling unwanted, possibly poisonous, materials from the mouth.’
  • The co-operative effort of the whole population, Portuguese, Indians and negroes in expelling the invader built certain loyalties and traditions whose influences are still felt in the north-east of the country. Modern Brazil
  • As soon as he came to Constantinople Theodosius began expelling the Arians, who had hitherto been in possession.
  • Wilfrid, bishop of Lindisferne, acquired great merit, both with the court of Rome and with all the southern Saxons, by expelling the quartodeciman schism, as it was called, from the Northumbrian kingdom, into which the neighborhood of the Scots had formerly introduced it. [ The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part A. From the Britons of Early Times to King John
  • The notice should specify upon which ground the expelling partners rely but no more than that.
  • In the end, it was Jesus the brujo who saved the day, by forcibly expelling Antonia from Marnie, thus reducing her power enough to knock out the force field. True Blood Episode Recap: "Soul of Fire"
  • After expelling the reporters, the goons vandalized the newspaper's equipment.
  • She coughed, expelling the last of the water, and scrambled to her feet.
  • She then jumped into the air and, expelling the rest of the energy, created a rockslide that completely filled the opening she'd just made.
  • The chair's legs squeaked against the floor as she pushed it away and coughed, her body expelling the pill across to the far side of the table.
  • SOVIET FORCES INVADED FINLAND (See Nov. 30–1940, March 12), and Finland appealed to the League of Nations (Dec. 3), which responded (Dec. 14) by expelling the Soviet Union from the League. Oct. 5
  • Expelling a ragged sigh, Sahara wandered over to the sound system and put in a CD.
  • You know how wretched it is to eat something you shouldn't have and spend the next day and a half miserably expelling it from your body.
  • Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega also supported Bolivia and Venezuela in expelling the American ambassadors and announced that Nicaragua, like Venezuela, was prepared to establish closer military links with Russia. Excellent wayne madsen americas roundup
  • Canada says it is expelling five diplomats from the Libyan embassy in Ottawa for what it calls "inappropriate" actions that are "inconsistent with normal diplomatic functions. NATO Increases Pressure on Libya's Pro-Government Forces
  • There were further pledges to fund 600,000 extra school places, give an extra £15 billion to schools, make every school grant-maintained, to stop closing special schools, and to give heads the final say in expelling pupils.
  • Emmenagogues are remedies which have the property of exciting the catamenial flow; ecbolics, or abortives, are drugs which excite contraction of the uterus, and are supposed to have the power of expelling its contents. Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  • Occasionally she would have a fit of coughing, her body's very feeble last attempts at expelling her illness.
  • As soon as he came to Constantinople Theodosius began expelling the Arians, who had hitherto been in possession.
  • Rome and with all the southern Saxons, by expelling the "quartodeciman" schism, as it was called, from the Northumbrian kingdom, into which the neighborhood of the Scots had formerly introduced it. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 04
  • Giving birth, I suppose you'd say, expelling not one, nor even ten, but a thousand creatures; ten thousand. GALILEE
  • She locked the bullet into the barrel, peeped through the scope, aimed, and instantaneously pulled the trigger, expelling the bullet into the air.
  • There is something racist in expelling those people from the country once they become unemployed.
  • Both houses have underfloor heating throughout, with ventilation systems that recover warmth from the air before expelling it outside. Times, Sunday Times
  • For many, it has been found to be effective for safely expelling gallstones but you might want to check with your herbalist, doctor or another qualified health practitioner before undergoing such a program.
  • Since 1961 the church has enforced it by ‘disfellowshipping’ or expelling un-repentant members who wilfully accept prohibited blood components.
  • That expelling of exhaust is vital in detecting their presence on radar.
  • She solicited her mother to assist in expelling the destructive image from her mind. The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne: A Highland Story
  • Requirements regarding the carbon dioxide used for deaeration and for expelling the nitrogen are very much more exacting than one had hitherto been accustomed, and it was found necessary to develop a carbon dioxide supply which was completely free from air. Fritz Pregl - Nobel Lecture
  • She stopped, sighing and expelling an amount of tension lurking in her body.
  • They have yet to recover from expelling their Jews in 1933, and from the post-WWII emasculation of their traditional elitism in the name of egalitarianism. Matthew Yglesias » Meeting Obama’s College Attainment Goals
  • European Central Bank President Jean Claude Trichet told a French magazine in an interview conducted before Ms. Merkel's comments but published late Wednesday that the notion of expelling a euro-zone member was "absurd. Merkel Floats Option of Euro-Zone Expulsion
  • She looked away from Rachel for a moment, expelling a long, soft sigh. GALILEE
  • Under the circumstances, the principal was justified in expelling this student.

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