How To Use Expectedness In A Sentence

  • And for me, for years I've always tried to steer my perspective to that of preparedness instead of expectedness. John Koch: "Beauty in Ugliness" - A Q&A With Blue Valentine Director Derek Cianfrance
  • The unexpectedness of the crushing hurt of it caused him to yelp and at the same time instinctively and spasmodically to pull back with all his strength. CHAPTER XXIII
  • OUDART: There's an expectedness with the brand, I think. CNN Transcript Mar 8, 2008
  • Also, for a genre like epic fantasy in which the suspense and excitement of the quest are supposed to be key, I think much of the appeal draws from their opposites: security and expectedness. Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time 8: The Path of Daggers (1998)
  • We have first an expectation, then a sensation with the feeling of expectedness related to memory of the expectation. The Analysis of Mind
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  • We got onto the subject of smoking and she told me a joke - maybe not the funniest one in the world, but the sheer unexpectedness of it, the sharpness of the wit, made me laugh.
  • Estrella heard a voice yell out in surprise that was followed by a laugh of unexpectedness.
  • So it degenerates into a species of word-juggleery that at first astonishes by its unexpectedness, then pleases by its dexterity, and finally offends by reason if its misplaced ingenuity. 2009 March | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS
  • Now, however, we can appreciate the subtlety and unexpectedness of his framing, and the complex interplay he so often achieves between anecdote and form.
  • These sites, valuable rather than holy, help us to recover perspective, reorder our ambitions, quell our paranoias and remind us of the interest and obliging unexpectedness of life. Have Modern Travelers Lost Their Way?
  • The shout of laughter that followed this was not in proportion to the depth but the unexpectedness of the joke, and John Adams went on his way, chuckling at the impudence of what he called the precocious snipe. The Lonely Island The Refuge of the Mutineers
  • The unexpectedness of my father's death meant that his affairs were not entirely in order.
  • In addition, the speaker will employ expressions involved in high expectedness, possibility, and reliability to convince audiences to take action or reinforce the existing attitude of listeners.
  • A day or two afterwards, chancing in the evening promenade on a gun deck to pass Billy, he offered a flying word of good-fellowship, as it were, which by its unexpectedness, and equivocalness under the circumstances so embarrassed Billy that he knew not how to respond to it, and let it go unnoticed. Billy Budd
  • In addition, the speaker will employ expressions involved in high expectedness, possibility, and reliability to convince audiences to take action or reinforce the existing attitude of listeners.
  • Provide medical review of individual case safety reports, including coding, expectedness and causality assessment. News -
  • Introspection and a compulsion to fleet-footed unexpectedness mean that I sometimes cannot trust my inclinations.
  • the unexpectedness of the warm welcome
  • I didn't know whether to feel flattered or offended at first, as my mind reeled from the unexpectedness of the instructions. Archive 2003-02-01
  • This person will medical review individual case safety reports clinical and spontaneous, including coding, seriousness, expectedness and causality assessment for an assigned therapeutic area. News -
  • Thus returning towards the camp, with their bare swords in their hands, they saluted him as Caesar; whereupon Martialis, the tribune in charge of the watch, who was, they say, noways privy to it, but was simply surprised at the unexpectedness of the thing, and afraid to refuse, permitted him entrance. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
  • If the occurrence, when it comes, gives us the feeling of expectedness, and if the expectation, beforehand, enabled us to act in a way which proves appropriate to the occurrence, that must be held to constitute the maximum of verification. The Analysis of Mind
  • Louise became less defiant in her joy then, or else the effect of it was lost in Mrs. Hilary's assumption of an entire expectedness in the event. The Story of a Play A Novel
  • New guests, with the casual expectedness of the Big House, had drifted in -- a lawyer, by name The Little Lady of the Big House

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