How To Use Expectable In A Sentence

  • People who know that rebuffs are expectable and that failure is remediable - that it results from lack of effort or situational factors and not personal inadequacy - are not debilitated by setbacks.
  • That kind of explanation on the part of the companies is expectable, but it's a cop-out.
  • There is no reason and much risk in turning expectable grief into diagnosable mental disorder. Allen Frances: Don't Confuse Grief With Depression
  • He is not personally responsible for the individual acts of his drug-crazed clients, but his acts are rendered immoral by the perfectly expectable results of his actions as a whole. War Criminal or Hero? « Blog
  • Adjacency pairs are patterns of two successive utterances, spoken by different speakers, in which the second part of the adjacency pair is relevant and expectable.
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  • Dr. ALLEN FRANCES (Psychiatrist): Over the course of time, we've become looser and looser in applying the term mental disorder to the expectable aches and pains and sufferings of everyday life. Is Emotional Pain Necessary?
  • differences of opinion are quite expectable given the present information
  • IV thus makes a crucial distinction between the transient pain of expectable grief and the severe and/or persistent symptoms of major depression. Allen Frances: Don't Confuse Grief With Depression
  • If utilitarians want their theory to allow more moral knowledge, they can make a different kind of move by turning from actual consequences to expected or expectable consequences.
  • But that is in fact an almost expectable event around his age, when people must come to terms with their limitations and old dreams for themselves.
  • What previously would have been dismissed as ‘wild’ analysis became acceptable and expectable, given these new models of image, text, and culture.
  • To me, if a meeting starts at 12: 00 ... showing up at 11: 55 is expectable. Dealing With The Tardiness Of Others | Lifehacker Australia
  • According to the present circumstance and expectable plan, Our lab made a series of training courses.

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