How To Use Expatriation In A Sentence

  • Finally, both the United States and some EU member states take a dim view of permanent expatriation motivated by a desire to escape taxes.
  • But most importantly, how did his expatriation influence his American and African American identities?
  • When […] our brothers and sisters come here to survive or improve their living conditions they are expelled, with those papers known as expatriation documents […] but when a long time ago the European grandfathers arrived in Latin America, they were not expelled. Pacific Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times - Progressive opinion, dissident news
  • Also, in case you follow these things (I do) expatriation is up. House Majority Leader open to second stimulus bill
  • As Cole points out, Congress amended the "expatriation" law in 1986 to comply with the Court's decisions, and the statute Perle cited now reads News & Politics
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  • Ex-pat old-timers say it's the first six months of expatriation that are the worst.
  • To be sure, certain provisions of the 1961 Convention would make it difficult for the United States to move toward ratification -- for example, the Convention limits voluntary renunciation of nationality in ways that would conflict with the right to voluntary expatriation that is recognized under U.S. law. Eric Schwartz: Recognizing Statelessness
  • Evans chose his country of expatriation well, because his work, drawn in pencil or pen and gently tinted with watercolor, has the delicacy of touch and romantic perfection one often sees in Dutch tiles.
  • This 'expatriation' was spread over many weary years.
  • Athenians have escaped expatriation, which is purely an Oriental custom. Lord George Bentinck A Political Biography
  • the expatriation of wealthy farmers
  • But he is still a citizen now, and the Constitution forbids the expatriation of Honduran citizens by their government. Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Obama Administration — Still Wrong on Honduras
  • There, instead of a few districts, the whole island is depopulated of its original inhabitants, and only thirty or forty individuals, the banished remnant of a once numerous people, are now existing as exiles at Flinders Island, to tell the tale of their expatriation. An account of the manners and customs of the Aborigines and the state of their relations with Europeans, by Edward John Eyre
  • The sources of scientific information are acquired mostly from abroad, the tax increase to capital expatriation makes it more expensive to access these sources. Global Voices in English » Ecuador: New Taxes Will Attempt to Help Economy
  • The evidence of the natural right of expatriation, like that of our right to life, liberty, the use of our faculties, the pursuit of happiness, is not left to the feeble and sophistical investigations of reason, but is impressed on the sense of every man. Think Progress » Doocy: ‘All The People Who Tried To Blow Airliners Out Of The Sky Pretty Much Look Alike’
  • I chose this title because, for me, there is a kind of biographical reminiscence contained in it, first of all the experience of my expatriation and finally my return to Prague.
  • It is absurd to declaim about "expatriation" and to declare such a movement forced and unnatural. History of Liberia Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science
  • The insurance will cover damages arising as a result of an accident, medical costs, expatriation but not the theft of personal property.
  • As the Supreme Court has noted, such acts of Congress ‘are to be read in the light of [Congress's 1868] declaration of policy favoring freedom of expatriation which stands unrepealed.’

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