1. a compound that gives off heat during its formation and absorbs heat during its decomposition
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How To Use exotherm In A Sentence

  • Hydrogen sulfide, for example, reacts with four molecules of FOOF to give sulfur hexafluoride, 2 molecules of HF and four oxygens ... and 433 kcal, which is the kind of every-man-for-himself exotherm that you want to avoid at all cost. Popular Posts Across MetaFilter
  • It is another exothermic contributor to the proton - proton cycle.
  • The snarling and snap of jaws quickly became a requiem for the end of life — heat borne exothermy fading to the sound of rhythmic dissipation like the fire in cave that he now recognized was dying too. Money (January Challenge)
  • Inside the mold, the liquid undergoes an exothermic chemical reaction, which forms the polyurethane polymer in the mold.
  • I won't mention proportions or how to trigger it - this is a highly exothermic and dangerous reaction .. Hacks
  • This self-ignition is known as spontaneous combustion and occurs because coal reacts with atmospheric oxygen even at ambient temperatures and this reaction is exothermic. The Oil Drum - Discussions about Energy and Our Future
  • Finally, the net reaction may be exothermic or (more commonly) endothermic, depending on reaction stoichiometry.
  • The rusting of iron is an exothermic reaction and this process is used in hand warmers which are utilized in cold regions.
  • Great lessons there on thermochemistry, especially what an exothermic reaction is Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments
  • The resulting magnesium silicate recrystallizes to form forsterite and silica in the temperature range 800-850° C, as an exothermic process. Geology of asbestos
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