How To Use Exorbitance In A Sentence

  • This is the latest salvo in the battle against Wall Street\'s exorbitance, and this time it appears shareholders might stand a chance. ' OpEdNews - Quicklink: Calls against big CEO pay grow louder: Shareholders Want 'Say on Pay' in Push Against Excessive CEO Compensation
  • And though "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" makes for a usually-wise platitude, Voltaire wasn't dealing with the exorbitance of American health care or the ecological cataclysm of global warming. Obama's Agenda: Hope, Change and Lobby-Centricity
  • The aviary was the only pristine place in the realm-quite an exorbitance, given the aerial army it would take to protect the place. Time Streams
  • Her unusual exorbitance results from an eccentric upbringing that openly accepts and welcomes transience.
  • This dearth, it is fair to assume, was caused by the exorbitance of Red-Eye, and it illustrates the menace he was to the existence of the horde. CHAPTER XV
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  • Micah's parents had come in to inform us that they were leaving for something-or-other and swept out the door in a whiff of perfume and exorbitance.
  • Driving back down from the hills, signs of exorbitance abound.
  • We view this matter with great concern, as this exorbitance has caused severe damage to our religious mission. Archive 2009-01-01
  • Do not forget that by what I might almost describe as the exorbitance of your demands you have gained more freedom than any other priest in England. The Altar Steps
  • This is a lesser achievement than the strange, brilliant, delirious works of Gogol's prime; but it is, nevertheless, colored throughout by the inspired exorbitances of his genius.
  • I justify exorbitance now by convincing myself that I feel guilty, even though I'm not really convinced. A Dramatic Story, at the End of Which Nothing Happens
  • Along with the similarly too-free-spirited two songs, such unchecked exorbitance damages the album's hard-won continuity.
  • Ultimately, the Giants are an organization not prone to exorbitance—or being pushed around. Giants Play Cat and Mouse With Osi

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