How To Use Exhaustively In A Sentence

  • Each of her shows is exhaustively videoed, with photographers allowed to take close-up shots, a practice that verges on the creepy.
  • Housing land supply was exhaustively examined by the local plan inquiry Inspector, who had compendious, borough-wide evidence before him, including information on all potential housing sites.
  • The hope, obviously, is that a kind of chemical reaction between biographer and biographee will spark fresh illuminations of subjects who have already been exhaustively studied and written about. Dickens Our Contemporary
  • Originally made as a three-part series for French TV, it is five-and-a-half hours long in its full form (though a half-length feature is also on release in the UK), exhaustively researched and often exhilarating to watch, as we track the fledgling revolutionary, charmingly portrayed by Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez, through countless countries, attacks, hijackings and escapes, to his eventual arrest in Sudan in 1994. Carlos director Olivier Assayas on the terrorist who became a pop culture icon
  • James Joyce, for one, used to quest exhaustively for every fresh word as if it were a phoenix feather.
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  • He is being exhaustively briefed on such things as rural medicine and trends in the insurance market.
  • LSI goes the other way round and first focuses on knowing and analyzing a document exhaustively before indexing or categorizing it.
  • First, the words can be exhaustively analysed into their component morphemes.
  • In any event, the long and short of it is that this "packet" of "evidence" provided only news clippings regarding allegations of voting improprieties from the 2004 election -- improprieties that had been exhaustively investigated and resulted in approx. 20 prosecutions, but which did not produce the widespread election-stealing conspiracy that the Republicans were convinced existed. Balkinization
  • Enter the World Resources Institute (WRI) and its interactive and exhaustively-researched map of 762 (and counting) eutrophic and hypoxic sites around the world, each identified with accompanying descriptions, photos and even videos. Peter Hanlon: Dead Zones, Now in More Frightening Detail!
  • The Single Candidly Deed facts: As you are indubitably already in the know having overturn almost this website, although acai berries keep scientifically proven form benefits, and are of practice astonishing for losing preponderancy, there are a horrifying amount of acai berry scams exhaustively there. TWQ: Five Ways To Escape A Zombie Invasion
  • How dejecting and how sad that the issue relating to buses and autorickshaws have never been raised and discussed seriously and exhaustively in our 126-member strong Legislative Assembly!
  • Every product is exhaustively tested before being sold.
  • This is, however, no time for me to lament my already exhaustively documented failures of imagination. ABOUT THE AUTHOR
  • John Woo's comedies occupy a far less prominent position in his cinematic opus than his well known, exhaustively dissected thrillers.
  • An alternative remedy for insomnia is valerian, a herbal medicine that has some reported positive effects but has not been exhaustively clinically investigated.
  • When you ‘read’ a tree, identify constituents by looking at all the elements that are exhaustively dominated by a single node in the tree.
  • He suspired exhaustively in the still, strong heat, and took possession of the scene with commanding, intolerant eyes. Those Who Smiled And Eleven Other Stories
  • This is, however, no time for me to lament my already exhaustively documented failures of imagination. ABOUT THE AUTHOR
  • This is a vision I exhaustively endorse; a world whereby nations are repeatedly made aware of the ongoing struggles and issues facing more stricken regions, bringing some much needed authenticity to the phrase 'borderless world'. Scott Hill: Journalism's Feminine Touch
  • PHAEDRUS: Nonsense, Socrates; what you call repetition was the especial merit of the speech; for he omitted no topic of which the subject rightly allowed, and I do not think that any one could have spoken better or more exhaustively. Phaedrus
  • It assumes that the phenomenon is something that you can put in a lab, measure, quantify, and repeat exhaustively as much as needed in order to elaborate a theory or enunciate a theorem.
  • And there are now processes in law which require, that is exhaustively examined by police and coronial authorities. Interview - AM program with Emma Griffiths - Subjects: Smith calls for patience with boat investigation - Transcript - The Hon Stephen Smith MP, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Hawley said these costs were scrutinised exhaustively by independent accountants.
  • Exhaustively knowledgeable about the science of cognition, and a foeman who gives as good as he gets (if not better) in the nature-versus-nurture culture wars, Pinker seemed the perfect foil for some of my ideas about the IQ test. Boing Boing
  • That's the sort of space Blake needs to develop his ideas exhaustively with cogency and imagination.
  • Exhaustively researched, The Sword and the Cross is somewhat deficient in maps and almost totally lacking in illustration.
  • First, the words can be exhaustively analysed into their component morphemes.
  • To exhaustively search all possible networks is infeasible, in practice, even with high-performance computers.
  • Now that we've all been edified by these exhaustively researched conclusions what is, as Tiger Woods might have said regarding his trusty mashie, the upshot? Steven Weber: Cool Head Cuke
  • Nowadays, when nostalgia is big business and every sports milestone is hyped, such an event would be covered exhaustively and bathetically. David Margolick: John Updike, Hall of Famer
  • Its punctuation and annotation were exhaustively accurate to hope that readers can correctly understand its meaning.
  • The survey was exhaustively documented.
  • We'll discuss it exhaustively with them at the meeting.

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