How To Use Exegetical In A Sentence

  • For so long we have read the Bible in exegetical isolation from the gathered wisdom of the fathers, the schoolmen, and the reformers that we have become vulnerable to all kinds of aberrant ideas with alleged biblical support.
  • Premodern interpreters, from both Qumran and the Syriac exegetical tradition, understood the scriptural text to be open to a revelatory discourse.
  • His exegetical works contain explanations of difficult passages of Holy Scripture, and include a Commentary on the Lord's Prayer and on Psalm 59, various "scholia" or "marginalia" (commentaries written in the margin of manuscripts), on treatises of the Hieromartyr Dionysius the Areopagite (October 3) and St Gregory the Theologian (January 25). orrologion
  • My exegetical method combines elements of postmodernist literary criticism and canonical criticism.
  • The Rev. John Coleridge wrote an exegetical work on the Book of Judges; we doubt whether Walker could have spelt _exegetical_. The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. 2
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  • It is a word of encouragement though,it's a sermon, it uses Hellenistic Jewish style--speech styles and rhetoric and Hellenistic Jewish exegetical techniques.
  • “Latet anguis” also in the adding “grass” of that exegetical term “pre-ordinated,” — predestinated, that is, pre-ordinated. The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed
  • He argues that the exegetical work of the church has always had an interest in relevance, in practical application, as it expounds texts and doctrines.
  • Of course, Calvin defended an Augustinian doctrine of God's sovereignty and predestination when exegetical and polemical occasion required.
  • Decisions about what constitutes the ‘plain sense’ are less textual and exegetical than they are traditional and theological.
  • Though the Bible from Philo Judaeus and Augustine on needs exegetical glossing, it remains the Word of God, the Old linked to the New through prefigurative typology. MYTH IN BIBLICAL TIMES
  • This means an exegetical study of the text from the original Greek or Hebrew. You have learned the 10 steps of exegesis in your Greek classes.
  • Once again the exegetical basis is too flimsy to support the revisionist view.
  • Ratzinger's important historical works, in his lectures on dogma, which interpreted faith as a living path through history, and in his dogmatics, which, like few others, rests upon an intensive personal exegetical study of the biblical sources. Archive 2009-01-01
  • He attempts to bridge the gap between theology and spirituality and recover the type of exegetical theology that was prominent in the early centuries and the greater history of the Church.
  • Both in his translation and in his other exegetical work, he employed philological techniques unusual for Jewish scholars: he attempted to derive the literal meaning of the texts from the semantics of the individual words.
  • Each exegetical section lists the three scripture readings of the Protestant canon for the day as well as the psalm; no exegesis is provided for the psalm.
  • In addition, his interpretations of dogma almost always have a strong exegetical dimension, and he has also contributed several recognized works of theological and dogmatic history. Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog:
  • “Latet anguis” also in the adding “grass” of that exegetical term “pre-ordinated,” — predestinated, that is, pre-ordinated. The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed
  • The questions that the author raises and his theological and exegetical observations are helpful for those who want to study more deeply the biblical texts or prepare for sermons and Bible studies.
  • He was also acutely aware of being part a long and venerable exegetical tradition.
  • St. Jerome's version is one of his most careful efforts at translation of the Masorah, and is of the greatest exegetical importance. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent
  • The author handles controversial exegetical areas with sensitivity and honesty.
  • He sets aside, for the most part, exegetical and systematic theological questions, as well as the subject of priests in religious orders and congregations.
  • Confucius said that we do not know life, how can we know death Analects XI:11 That Okada took this particular passage from the Confucian Analects as his response to my question about a radical atheist construction of the meaning of the world and humanity in the 20th century is a fascinating exegetical interpretation and adaptation to a contemporary concern. Rodney L. Taylor, Ph.D.: West Meets East: Confucius And Bertrund Russell
  • Then Edgeworth fires away about the Odes of Pindar, {80b} and Donne is very aesthetic about Mr. Hallam's Book. {80c} What is the meaning of 'exegetical'? Letters of Edward FitzGerald in two volumes, Vol. 1
  • But before we are going to accept this new wrinkle (part of the problem is that we have — inevitably — people in the congregation who confuse the category of a wrinkle with that of a heresy crept in unawares) or even think through its theological implications, however, we need to proceed by way of exegetical proof. Realizations of the Unexamined Life « Unknowing
  • With his entirely exceptional capacity for work, he was perhaps the person who most contributed to maintaining alive the theological, exegetical and spiritual culture to which successive centuries would pay recourse. Benedict on the Liturgy: "The Faith is not only thought"
  • Attempts at using allegedly relevant texts as moral guidelines today are subject to serious exegetical and hermeneutical constraints.
  • The Chinese notion of literary openness thus grew out of a disjunction between hermeneutic theory and exegetical practice.
  • God dispatched the angel Michael to bring her to the house of Potiphar in Egypt; according to another exegetical tradition, Dinah cast Asenath on the wall of Egypt (i.e., the wall surrounding the palace). Dinah: Midrash and Aggadah.
  • God, therefore, cannot be reduced to or contained by any theological rhetoric or exegetical attempt to make simplistic the complexity and mystery of a transcendent God.
  • In this reading of the Rabbinic tradition, the dialectical link between the literal meaning of scripture, in Hebrew the peshat, and the exegetical expansion of that literal meaning, derasha, is enabled by the dynamic process of hermeneutics as a rhetorical-literary and not a spiritual-existential process. David Shasha: Monolingualism, Scriptural Translation and the Problem of Western Civilization
  • This book is a kind of "theological exegesis," as well as a personal reflection on the life of Christ; and it is not simply his deft exegetical writing but the personal touch which makes the work so inviting to readers. Rev. James Martin, S.J.: Why The Pope's Words On The Jewish People Matter
  • [105] It is one of Dr Owen’s best controversial treatises, being exhaustive, and yet not marked by that discursiveness which is the fault of some of his writings, and bringing into play some of his greatest excellencies as a writer, — his remarkable exegetical talent, his intimate knowledge of Scripture, and mastery of the stores of ecclesiastical history. Life of Dr Owen
  • Therefore, premarital catechesis ought to focus on identifying and expounding the essential elements of the service - just as any good sermon tries to make one or two main points, not to be a full exegetical lecture on the pericope.
  • Though the Bible from Philo Judaeus and Augustine on needs exegetical glossing, it remains the Word of God, the Old linked to the New through prefigurative typology. MYTH IN BIBLICAL TIMES
  • The originality of her psychological insight, the passion and subtlety of her theological imagination , the fecundity of her exegetical talents are unevenly displayed here.
  • How Wyclif conceives of the very essence of Scripture must always be borne in mind when assessing both his exegetical principles and the theological conclusions they produce.

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