How To Use Execrate In A Sentence

  • My awful punishment makes my name execrated everywhere, as if I must have been superlatively bad to have earned it. aforetime ... tabret -- as David was honored (1Sa 18: 6). Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
  • Oceania is not allowed to know anything of the tenets of the other two philosophies, but he is taught to execrate them as barbarous outrages upon morality and common sense. Nineteen Eighty-four
  • The havoc wrought by German shells in French and Belgian churches and cathedrals stands recorded in countless photographs and other illustrations, to form a permanent Indictment of Germany's methods of warfare that will make her name execrated by posterity. The Illustrated War News, Number 15, Nov. 18, 1914
  • The Greek word anathema, Hebrew herem, means to accurse, execrate, to damn. A Commentary on St. Paul���s Epistle to the Galatians
  • There, Alexander is to be execrated because he conquered foreign peoples and overthrew an ancient empire.
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  • As for Lady Afy, he execrated the greenhornism which had made him feign a passion, and then get caught where he meant to capture. The Young Duke
  • George is certainly mocked, but he is not execrated as a vile foreigner and un-British despot, as he had been by satirists and cartoonists in the 1760s and 1770s, when he was widely despised.
  • Just because he remained so steadfast in an execrated cause, entry into the acceptance world seems to have acquired all the more value.
  • I found that I didn't much miss Ireland as such, and in fact in many ways I execrated it.
  • The Greek word anathema, Hebrew herem, means to accurse, execrate, to damn. A Commentary on St. Paul���s Epistle to the Galatians
  • Didn't Trotsky execrate those who claimed to believe there was nothing to choose between democracy and fascism?
  • Those who murdered tourists in Egypt were widely execrated and not just because they threatened to ruin the tourist industry.
  • Her immigration policy is supported by most Australians, execrated though it be by our politically correct ABC.
  • O'Connell's record of embezzlement, contractor boondoggles, handpicked mayors and election theft is both exalted and execrated in the novels' vivid fictional composites. Corruption on the Hudson
  • Such memoirs are naturally far removed from the poverty-riven atmosphere and harsh realities say of the recently widely acclaimed, and execrated, Angela's Ashes.
  • O'Connell's record of embezzlement, contractor boondoggles, handpicked mayors and election theft is both exalted and execrated in the novels' vivid fictional composites. Corruption on the Hudson
  • Once the danger passes, forgotten of God and execrate the police. on March 24, 2009 at 2: 44 pm | Reply jerym Tony McNulty ’second home’ shock! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • Unionists would praise the prescience of the men of 1707, Jacobites and nationalists would execrate them, but in itself such a union was probably no more momentous than its architects were moral.
  • These are the people who execrate the man, who despise him with every cell of their being, whose rage at his very name roars like napalm. Bradley Burston: Ritual Terrorism: Hating Obama as a New Form of Religion
  • Those who disagreed with his theories were execrated and removed from their posts, sometimes with the help of the NKVD.
  • I execrate these vampires who are sucking the lifeblood of the men who follow Robert Lee—these men who are making the very name of blockader a stench in the nostrils of all patriotic men. Gone with the Wind
  • If any of these magazines (not to mention People, for which Luce bears none of the blame and which he surely would have execrated) is impelled by a vision, it is not evident in the published products. Jonathan Yardley reviews 'The Publisher,' by Alan Brinkley
  • The Cure are the personification of the not-quite and the not-yet: not quite execrated but never really respected; not punk veterans but not yet generic Goff.
  • For the part he had played, the details of which were practically all rumor and guesswork, quickly leaked out, and in consequence he became a much-execrated and well-hated man. Chapter VII
  • I shall leave a name execrated by every monopolist who, from less honorable motives, clamors for protection because it conduces to his own individual benefit. Ten Englishmen of the Nineteenth Century
  • Having taken prize money from the officialdom he execrated, Bernhard delights, retrospectively, in the consequences. Enfant Not So Terrible
  • The respectable part of the Spanish nation, and more especially the honourable and toilworn peasantry, loathed and execrated both factions.
  • But it transformed the professor of comparative literature at Columbia into a very public intellectual, adored or execrated with equal intensity by many millions of readers.
  • Clemency to the recently execrated terrorists marked the Convention's response to the Vendémiaire crisis, both in the build-up to the insurrection and in its aftermath.
  • OK aunty Flo, but these people whom I have execrated are NOT old style right of centre liberals (like me and you.) If Greens Ruled The World...
  • She's lived down to a lot of the smears that I used to execrate Republicans for using on her. Schneider: Obama makes gains with women
  • There is, in the synagogue, in the mosque, in the pagoda, in the wigwam, a hideous side which we execrate, and a sublime side, which we adore. Les Miserables
  • That was fortunate for Concord; after March 7, when the great orator endorsed the Fugitive Slave Law, Webster was execrated by many of his one-time worshipers.
  • Yet she appeared confident in innocence, and did not tremble, although gazed on and execrated by thousands; for all the kindness which her beauty might otherwise have excited, was obliterated in the minds of the spectators by the imagination of the enormity she was supposed to have committed. Chapter 7
  • I am a bankrupt both in fortune and in heart, and can only pray you will hasten to forget – that you may forbear to execrate me! ' Camilla
  • She execrated all who opposed her.
  • Some admire it, like de Maistre; others execrate it, like Beccaria. Les Miserables
  • And we especially condemn and in God's name execrate those who not only omit both forms but also quite autocratically [tyrannically] prohibit, condemn, and blaspheme them as heresy, and so exalt themselves against and above Christ, our Lord and God The Smalcald Articles
  • Those that bless you I will bless, those that curse you, I will execrate.
  • Everybody goes home in a sentimental glow and the native born working-man reads his _Sydney Bulletin_ over a long-sleever and execrates the name of the country which bore his father and mother. Recollections With Photogravure Portrait of the Author and a number of Original Letters, of which one by George Meredith and another by Robert Louis Stevenson are reproduced in facsimile
  • I abhor psalm-singers, I hate priors, I execrate heretics, but I should detest yet more any one who should maintain the contrary. Les Miserables

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